Tuesday, 17 October 2006

I'm in horrible pain!

Woke up at 2am with horrendous stomach pain - all over. Suspected constipation first but never had it that bad!!! I suddenly got the twitchy body (like an epileptic fit - I have that while I am unconscious - know that, happens while/shortly after I pass out with pain!

Must have passed out, because when I checked the time (thank goodness for my projector clock!!) it was a little later. Now the pain just left ASIS to right ASIS and then up to right upper quadrant up to under my right breast. Totally confused about that but still suspected severe constipation pain. I tried to find a way to lie down and get a little sleep at least but couldn't find any position comfy enough for that.

Next was a try to go to the toilet ... but broke out in cold sweat as soon as I was sitting on the edge of the bed so fell back onto my pillow and lie there for a while. The next time I actually made it to the toilet but nothing happened - and a quick rush back to the bed as I felt the cold sweat breaking out again.

This whole scenario repeated itself until 7am when DH got up - I asked him for a heat pack as well as an ice pack to see if that does the trick. Got a big row that I didn't wake him up earlier but I thought it better that he gets some sleep in case he has to run me to the hospital.

DH phoned NHS24 who then spoke to me - repeating all the questions they asked him already!!! Could hardly speak for pain and was old to either see my GP (which they'd prefer) or go to A&E. So we phoned the practice at 8:30am and DH made an appt for 9:30am just to having to change it to a house visit after I told him that I am definitely NOT in shape to walk over to our GP!!!

The GP turned up at 9am and did the normal checks - but couldn't feel any organs as I was tensing up my abdominal muscles as soon as she had her hand just near my tummy!!! And then I got the request to "relax". Why do docs say that all the time? Surely they should know that this is impossible if you know that they're going to press down the area where you have the pain from hell???!!!

After a lackmuss paper test we were told that I have blood in my waterworks and that I have to go to A&E. We took our own car (tsk.. still no ambulance ride for me!!! ;) ) and I felt like in labour. Could feel every bump, every swerving etc. and was breathing like a pregnant woman about to give birth and also have been yelping at every bump! And that was with DH being so considerate to put down the seat as far as he could (he learned from our EC!!)

Arrived at A&E and was asked for another urine sample and then got to wear the nice fashionable nighties they have in hospital. Another doc turning up, pressing about my tummy and asking questions. And then the search for a vein on my hands to put the canula down!!! Gosh, that Dr "Simon" really had a hard time but he finally found a spot after 2 failed attempts.

Possibilities for the pain so far - Appendicitis or UTI (urinary tract infection) and I got some painkillers who did the trick (after Aspirin at 3am and Ibuprofen at 7:30am didn't do ANYTHING). Got paracetamol with cocodamol.

A little later I got a chest X-ray (?!?!?! Referred pain?) and then was shipped off to CA (combined assessment) to free space at A&E. And as I was still down for a possible operation I was NBM (nil by mouth) and got a Saline IV.

Around 3:30pm I was collected for an external Ultrasound where the consultant couldn't find anything wrong with my kidneys or liver, and he couldn't find my appendix (which is definitely still there!!!). But he found some fluid in my pelvis.

Back in the ward we've been waiting until 6pm without any consultant coming around to tell us what's going on. DH then checked with the nurses who have been relocating the patients to other wards for the night. At 7pm finally my consultant returned with her excuse that I must have been for my scan during the ward round (for goodness sake, surely someone should have come around afterwards????!!!) and told me that I have to stay overnight and needed a TA scan in the morning. Fortunately, DH had packed an overnight bag so that wasn't too bad really. At 8pm finally we found out where my new ward was (106 - another combined assessment ward) and I got settled for the night. Was told that I am now F&D now though (Fluid & diet) and I took every chance for a cuppa tea or water. :)

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