Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Feeling crappy... :(

You know that feeling ... knowing that there is a cold lurking inside you but it just won't come out? I have that feeling since Monday afternoon and just can't shake it! :( Wish the cold would just come out and get over with, so I can concentrate on life and studying etc again.

Haven't touched the books since Thursday on the train (no time in London and then the stupid "cotton wool feeling" in my head - very counter-productive to studying!!!) but will try a bit today. Module 12 is in 65 days - that's scary FEW for me... don't need to have a "domestic" if I'm not able/feeling too crappy to study.... and failing the exam in January is just not an option!!! :o

Aaaaaargh. All I have from the cold is woozy head and a stuffed nose and a little bit of sore throat (think I got swollen glands as well, but just a little) but no cough or drippy nose like DH had when he started his cold over a week ago. That's a scary record for him - usually he has a 3-day-cold (which results for me in double the time!) and that's why we first thought it's hayfever ... but he had fever/higher temp on Thursday/Friday which is very unusual for him. Wonder which bug we've caught there!!

Well.. off to hit the books in a bit ... after I had another cuppa tea and some lunch.

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Heather said...

Sorry you're feeling unwell. :( Good luck with the studying. Tomorrow's another day! :)