Saturday, 21 October 2006

Allowed to crop.. :)

Hurray! Managed to get to the crop for most of the time! Just for chatting and looking and new stash etc., not really doing anything (well... I cut the cardstock for my sis' paper bag book!). But then... I didn't expect to do anything really!!!

Met BIL's new girlfriend (?) who is really nice. Would be great if they'd stay together (or get together, not sure what the state of that relationship is?). Dominique is fairly chatty and funny - think she would fit right into the family!!! :) She is another chocoholic and had some chocs from Hotel Chocolat - including Praline Hot Chocolate (which comes in little marbles - so you can eat them as well?!) which she immediately made for me. She also got me a "get well card" and a little gift (small cosmetic bag from Estee Lauder) although she never met me before!! Really a nice person!

Mmmmh... didn't get any studying done again. My brain just won't do it ....think it's the antibiotics.... which came with the usual side effect so I got MIL to get me some cream.

Dinner was yum - steak with chips, and it looks like my appetite is back! :)

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