Saturday, 25 October 2008

Done some stuff...

But the to do list is still long. :o Went to the gym this morning at 9:30am (instead of yesterday evening). DH and I went to the inlaws yesterday for dinner and afterwards to the cinema to see "Eagle Eye" - VERY good movie, interesting plot - can only recommend it.

Anyway, today I've done mostly stuff around the house, and put stuff together for the holiday.

Lots of stuff still to do tomorrow/Monday, but am on track. :) Tomorrow is also the NFL game at Wembley, so if you want to watch it with like-minded people in Edinburgh, come to SPORTSTERS, where the Wolves contingent will be. :)

Tomorrow morning I'll will do some crafty stuff... looking forward to it. :)

....and no, I haven't taken lots of photos ... :o

Friday, 24 October 2008

Guess what ....

It's the 25th again tomorrow. So have to make sure I take my photies. :) Need to read up on September's plans (yep, I am 1 month behind the normal schedule ... and I haven't done any layout yet either... :( ), but I think it was "reflections".

Weather is crabby...

It's cold and it's chucking down with rain. :( And that since yesterday afternoon. Not forgetting the gusty wind to boot.

I'm glad I don't have to get outside much today - just went to the Doc's for the monthly Zolly this morning and will have to take the car to the Cinema and the inlaws in the evening. However, our house seems to be always colder than it's outside... so I think I will switch on the heating in a bit.
LISA - you mentioned something about that, can you please e-mail me the name of that device so I can forward it to Doug?

Else ... for a week now I got the craving from time to time for "Knaeckebro
t mit Kaese" (cheese - either sliced or spready one - on crispbread). Don't know why, I didn't even eat it that much as a child... hohumm... But it's NICE!! :)

Currently trying to get Wolves stuff done before Tuesday - and the list seems to be never ending. Also have to make some Halloween cards and a "Get Well" card for my mum.

Mum had an OP to take out the temporary tracheal t-tube. She's going to have a CT on Monday to see what the next steps are. My sis told me yesterday that the worst would be a permanent tracheotomy, however, there are still other options fortunately. One involving an implant in the larynx to stretch the throat. The other involves a t-tube to widen the throat which will come out at some point. Haven't looked into this yet, still waiting for links from my sis so I can read up some stuff.
Let's just say that at least they found a nice anaesthetic "cocktail" for my mum she's not allergic to.

Ok, back to my Knaeckebrot, and then after my break getting more stuff done. :)

Monday, 20 October 2008

Still not crafting

I managed to do my 2 belated birthday cards at the crop on Saturday and also did 1/2 a layout for my Christmas journal. Else I've been putting most of my stamps from Ally Pally onto E-Z Mount.

Yep, that's it. Boring, eh? Somehow my mojo is a bit on hold right now when it comes to scrapping (card making still works more or less) and I don't expect it to return in the next week either. As we say in German "Es flutscht einfach nicht!"

Well, at least I got the 2 birthday swaps out (sorry Tamara and Anja for the VERY late birthdays!!). Hoping to get the CJ entry done and the CJ off to Anke as well.

Else it's going to be mostly Wolves stuff I have to do (taking pics of our merchandise, sending photos to Mark for the new website, chasing players for replies regarding Christmas Night out, go through the "statement" from the league...). Doesn't help that I agreed to work for an extra day this week...

Let's hope my mojo returns by mid-November in time for the next crop. I want to finish my Christmas Journal which I started in 2005 (oops!) and which still needs about 15 entries/layouts. AND I have to do 2 more pages for my friends' wedding album. I promised to hand it over in December (that's also just 3 years late! :( ). Far too much going on in life.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Living room mostly done...

It's been quite a mess down there ... throughout the season and up to our awards night and the League end of season meeting. Tons of posters/flyers/tickets/business cards, paperwork, the odd small football gear (odd knee/thigh pads, balls, towels for the balls, black electrical tape for the lids). Just got dumped there and nobody at Wolves HQ was in the mood to clear it away. ;)

Fortunately DH has invited friends over for dinner tomorrow, so I did a jumpstart on the cleaning, just have to do the hoovering and put the ironing away (which I've whittled down to 1 big basket to be done over the week... phew!). I also put some new purchases for the garden in the shed and am now hoping that the weather holds so I can mow the lawn on Saturday or Sunday ... doubt I will have time to do it tomorrow.

Can't believe it's just 1.5 weeks to go until we're off to Florida.... :o !!! Still have to get other things sorted and then of course packed!! AAAAH!!! Have to get the lab coats (we've decided to go as "Mad Scientists" at the MNSSH - got the safety goggles, got the glow sticks in yellow and green for test tubes ... thinking of getting white hairspray.. ;) ) asap. And to top it all up I am working an extra day next week (Tuesday - Thursday). AAAH!!

Well.. to do list for tomorrow is:

  • Hoover living room
  • put ironing away
  • put washing (drip drying) away
  • quick clear of kitchen
  • 2 belated birthday cards (yeah... I know!!!)
  • 1 CJ entry
  • Pack and send birthday swaps
  • Dobbies
  • Gym

Doesn't really sound much, does it? At least DH is cooking ... going to be Philly Cheese Steak. YUMMM!

So hopefully I can report back with all things done tomorrow!!

Going cutesy?!

Well... not yet that is. Haven't done cards yet but are planning to do that later today.

But yes, the Magnolia Stamps are growing on me. Don't know what it is. And I didn't start with the rest of the "new craze" way back when, but there are more and more of the stamps I really really like. Was quite weird to buy something that Sharon doesn't like at all ("They look like Moomins without a mouth!") as we usually have a very similar taste (unless it comes to very arty stuff). But hey - I like them. :D

And then I got back into the Penny Black stamps ... you know, those cats/mice/hedgehogs ... and now the pony as well! :D We saw the Christmas clear stamps at Ally Pally, but the price was a bit steep for me, so I see if I can get them at some point. And I LOVE those. :)

Latest purchase? Came across quite a lot of cards with "Whiff of Joy" stamps, but so far there were only 2 of the stamps I really liked. And now I bought them (WOY are Austria based and it was really great customer service! Quick delivery as well!).

Now, Sharon ... what do you think of these two??? ***These Cards are not done by myself!!*** (I only got the stamps delivered yesterday and haven't had the time to play yet)

The stamp has only the girl with the hot cocoa mug. (Picture taken from the WOY gallery, this card is from their Design Team Member Bev)

And the second one was just a MUST, with our weather up here.... :) Picture taken again from the WOY gallery (card from Aija).

Now I just have to get some pens. Quite like the idea of the Copic pens, but others say Promarkers. Can anyone give me some hints/tips what to get and where to get it in the UK??

And then of course I still have my Bellas, but I wouldn't really call them cutesy. Think they're more quirky??? ;)

Friday, 10 October 2008

..and I didn't do any crafts after all

The usual. If I start with housework and other stuff, I am NOT doing crafts in the evening. :(

Have been to the gym, longer than usual as we had the Kidzone on and they have been mostly "hogging" the Cross trainers... but not that long. It's those 40somethings who are hogging the machines for up to 60 mins IN ONE GO!!! :( Grrrr!! It's sooo annoying! :(

Anyway, got home, made dinner, had to send a quick e-mail to the league and now I am just burnt out. Just want to sit in DH's brown chair (it's kinda growing on me - I can sit on it with my legs up as well etc. Quite relaxing. Still don't like the colour mind!), read or play PC or PS2 games.

DH's "Batman Lego" arrived today. He said I could play it, and I am sorely tempted. But I think I'll go for either my "1-hour free" games from Big Fish or maybe "Star Wars Lego".

But deffo no craft from me today. Will set aside lots of time on Sunday though - tomorrow is the end-of-season meeting of BAFL and we'll have to leave here at 6am to make it down to Doncaster in time. :o Early night it is - and getting up and ready at 5am. HUH!

Today I am going to do some crafts!!!

It's on my to do list! And I really HAVE to do it. Will do some ironing during Gilmore Girls re-run, deal with one load of washing and have already put on the dishwasher.

Have to go to the docs to hand in a prescription from ERI and also have to do my 1 hour at the gym (combine that with taking the plastic bottles to the recycling).

And cook dinner.

BUT THAT'S THAT! The rest of the day is then free for me to do the birthday cards and the CJ entry I wanted to do yesterday - went to the cinema to see "88 Minutes" so didn't have the evening time for it.

Hopefully will be able to post some results (and the cards from Sunday's Cuttlebug class!) later as well.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Clearly autumn now

It's cold in the house - colder than outside. Think we will be switching on the heating soon, but for the time being it's cardies/jumpers and warm socks. Think I'll have to get my warm slippers out of the wardrobe again. :) Nice fluffy ones. :D

And TEA TIME!! Was told off by Stewart yesterday at the gym for my black tea consumption. Fortunately most of my autumn/winter teas (yep, I DO rotate them.. LOL) are Rooibos teas, so shouldn't be a problem at all. More worried about his request for me to drink 4-5 litres of WATER! Geesh! May as well move into the loo for a couple of days then until my body is getting used to that. LOL.

First washing load done (just to be hung up after this post), 2nd in the washing machine. Got to tackle the ironing pile a bit more and then hoover the stairs I think.

And then it's time off to do some crafty things - have to make 2 birthday cards (belated ones .. OOPS) for 2 German girls at Dani's Forum, now that their goodies for the birthday swap arrived this morning. And also have to finish my CJ entry and send it off. And who knows, maybe I even have the luxury of doing some scrapping????

.........Who am I kidding??? I am the slowest scrapper I've ever seen!! :D Will put that on tomorrow's TO DO List.

Now off to do some ironing ... that's warming up the room as well. :D

Sunday, 5 October 2008

It's a Sunday ... without Wolves/Britbowl involvement!! YAY!!

Well... still had to get up early to find the 2 Walking booklets from the Scotsman for my MIL and the cutting plates for my Cuttlebug, which always seem to disappear! :o

Then went to Stamper's Grove for a nice Cuttlebug Christmas class. NICE cards and lots of inspirations. Will post pics later today or tomorrow. ;)

Then for a "quick" stop (the usual - want to stay for 20 mins and ended up staying for an hour!) at the Inlaws, shopping at Tesco and getting back home with LOTS of time for me to pick my NFL Fantasy team for today (DH was not so lucky, Sky did freeze the picking before the agreed time, so he's not happy and has sent a complaint to them - with SkySports he can actually win stuff - I am just playing against some Wolves players and their friends and it's more fun than anything else really).

Now catching up with internet and having NFL on in the background. :) Not totally a Sunday without football of course.