Friday, 10 October 2008

Today I am going to do some crafts!!!

It's on my to do list! And I really HAVE to do it. Will do some ironing during Gilmore Girls re-run, deal with one load of washing and have already put on the dishwasher.

Have to go to the docs to hand in a prescription from ERI and also have to do my 1 hour at the gym (combine that with taking the plastic bottles to the recycling).

And cook dinner.

BUT THAT'S THAT! The rest of the day is then free for me to do the birthday cards and the CJ entry I wanted to do yesterday - went to the cinema to see "88 Minutes" so didn't have the evening time for it.

Hopefully will be able to post some results (and the cards from Sunday's Cuttlebug class!) later as well.

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