Thursday, 9 October 2008

Clearly autumn now

It's cold in the house - colder than outside. Think we will be switching on the heating soon, but for the time being it's cardies/jumpers and warm socks. Think I'll have to get my warm slippers out of the wardrobe again. :) Nice fluffy ones. :D

And TEA TIME!! Was told off by Stewart yesterday at the gym for my black tea consumption. Fortunately most of my autumn/winter teas (yep, I DO rotate them.. LOL) are Rooibos teas, so shouldn't be a problem at all. More worried about his request for me to drink 4-5 litres of WATER! Geesh! May as well move into the loo for a couple of days then until my body is getting used to that. LOL.

First washing load done (just to be hung up after this post), 2nd in the washing machine. Got to tackle the ironing pile a bit more and then hoover the stairs I think.

And then it's time off to do some crafty things - have to make 2 birthday cards (belated ones .. OOPS) for 2 German girls at Dani's Forum, now that their goodies for the birthday swap arrived this morning. And also have to finish my CJ entry and send it off. And who knows, maybe I even have the luxury of doing some scrapping????

.........Who am I kidding??? I am the slowest scrapper I've ever seen!! :D Will put that on tomorrow's TO DO List.

Now off to do some ironing ... that's warming up the room as well. :D

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Heather said...

Erm, 4-5 litres of water A DAY? That doesn't sound quite necessary/safe...!

I hope you got some enjoyable crafting done.

I was at work today but have just put on the second load of laundry. Might fit in a third before bed!