Sunday, 5 October 2008

It's a Sunday ... without Wolves/Britbowl involvement!! YAY!!

Well... still had to get up early to find the 2 Walking booklets from the Scotsman for my MIL and the cutting plates for my Cuttlebug, which always seem to disappear! :o

Then went to Stamper's Grove for a nice Cuttlebug Christmas class. NICE cards and lots of inspirations. Will post pics later today or tomorrow. ;)

Then for a "quick" stop (the usual - want to stay for 20 mins and ended up staying for an hour!) at the Inlaws, shopping at Tesco and getting back home with LOTS of time for me to pick my NFL Fantasy team for today (DH was not so lucky, Sky did freeze the picking before the agreed time, so he's not happy and has sent a complaint to them - with SkySports he can actually win stuff - I am just playing against some Wolves players and their friends and it's more fun than anything else really).

Now catching up with internet and having NFL on in the background. :) Not totally a Sunday without football of course.

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