Thursday, 16 October 2008

Living room mostly done...

It's been quite a mess down there ... throughout the season and up to our awards night and the League end of season meeting. Tons of posters/flyers/tickets/business cards, paperwork, the odd small football gear (odd knee/thigh pads, balls, towels for the balls, black electrical tape for the lids). Just got dumped there and nobody at Wolves HQ was in the mood to clear it away. ;)

Fortunately DH has invited friends over for dinner tomorrow, so I did a jumpstart on the cleaning, just have to do the hoovering and put the ironing away (which I've whittled down to 1 big basket to be done over the week... phew!). I also put some new purchases for the garden in the shed and am now hoping that the weather holds so I can mow the lawn on Saturday or Sunday ... doubt I will have time to do it tomorrow.

Can't believe it's just 1.5 weeks to go until we're off to Florida.... :o !!! Still have to get other things sorted and then of course packed!! AAAAH!!! Have to get the lab coats (we've decided to go as "Mad Scientists" at the MNSSH - got the safety goggles, got the glow sticks in yellow and green for test tubes ... thinking of getting white hairspray.. ;) ) asap. And to top it all up I am working an extra day next week (Tuesday - Thursday). AAAH!!

Well.. to do list for tomorrow is:

  • Hoover living room
  • put ironing away
  • put washing (drip drying) away
  • quick clear of kitchen
  • 2 belated birthday cards (yeah... I know!!!)
  • 1 CJ entry
  • Pack and send birthday swaps
  • Dobbies
  • Gym

Doesn't really sound much, does it? At least DH is cooking ... going to be Philly Cheese Steak. YUMMM!

So hopefully I can report back with all things done tomorrow!!


Heather said...

Ooh - dinner sounds delicious. Can I come?! ;)

Quite a long to-do list tere. Good luck getting through it. It's always a good incentive to clean and tidy when people are coming over to the house!

Dörte said...

wow die Liste ist echt lang - und macht mir ein schlechtes Gewissen weil ich natürlich statt aufzuräumen hier im Internet rumsurfe ;o))