Thursday, 16 October 2008

Going cutesy?!

Well... not yet that is. Haven't done cards yet but are planning to do that later today.

But yes, the Magnolia Stamps are growing on me. Don't know what it is. And I didn't start with the rest of the "new craze" way back when, but there are more and more of the stamps I really really like. Was quite weird to buy something that Sharon doesn't like at all ("They look like Moomins without a mouth!") as we usually have a very similar taste (unless it comes to very arty stuff). But hey - I like them. :D

And then I got back into the Penny Black stamps ... you know, those cats/mice/hedgehogs ... and now the pony as well! :D We saw the Christmas clear stamps at Ally Pally, but the price was a bit steep for me, so I see if I can get them at some point. And I LOVE those. :)

Latest purchase? Came across quite a lot of cards with "Whiff of Joy" stamps, but so far there were only 2 of the stamps I really liked. And now I bought them (WOY are Austria based and it was really great customer service! Quick delivery as well!).

Now, Sharon ... what do you think of these two??? ***These Cards are not done by myself!!*** (I only got the stamps delivered yesterday and haven't had the time to play yet)

The stamp has only the girl with the hot cocoa mug. (Picture taken from the WOY gallery, this card is from their Design Team Member Bev)

And the second one was just a MUST, with our weather up here.... :) Picture taken again from the WOY gallery (card from Aija).

Now I just have to get some pens. Quite like the idea of the Copic pens, but others say Promarkers. Can anyone give me some hints/tips what to get and where to get it in the UK??

And then of course I still have my Bellas, but I wouldn't really call them cutesy. Think they're more quirky??? ;)


Heather said...

Mmm - I LIKE those Whiff of Joy stamps. :)

sharonfruit said...

OK, OK, I admit it, I quite like those stamps ;o)

I just don't get Magnolias. It's not that they are like moomins with mouths, it's that they don't have mouths or noses like moomins. There's something about those horrid faces with the beady eyes that makes me feel a bit uneasy - lol!

S xx