Friday, 10 October 2008

..and I didn't do any crafts after all

The usual. If I start with housework and other stuff, I am NOT doing crafts in the evening. :(

Have been to the gym, longer than usual as we had the Kidzone on and they have been mostly "hogging" the Cross trainers... but not that long. It's those 40somethings who are hogging the machines for up to 60 mins IN ONE GO!!! :( Grrrr!! It's sooo annoying! :(

Anyway, got home, made dinner, had to send a quick e-mail to the league and now I am just burnt out. Just want to sit in DH's brown chair (it's kinda growing on me - I can sit on it with my legs up as well etc. Quite relaxing. Still don't like the colour mind!), read or play PC or PS2 games.

DH's "Batman Lego" arrived today. He said I could play it, and I am sorely tempted. But I think I'll go for either my "1-hour free" games from Big Fish or maybe "Star Wars Lego".

But deffo no craft from me today. Will set aside lots of time on Sunday though - tomorrow is the end-of-season meeting of BAFL and we'll have to leave here at 6am to make it down to Doncaster in time. :o Early night it is - and getting up and ready at 5am. HUH!

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