Friday, 24 October 2008

Weather is crabby...

It's cold and it's chucking down with rain. :( And that since yesterday afternoon. Not forgetting the gusty wind to boot.

I'm glad I don't have to get outside much today - just went to the Doc's for the monthly Zolly this morning and will have to take the car to the Cinema and the inlaws in the evening. However, our house seems to be always colder than it's outside... so I think I will switch on the heating in a bit.
LISA - you mentioned something about that, can you please e-mail me the name of that device so I can forward it to Doug?

Else ... for a week now I got the craving from time to time for "Knaeckebro
t mit Kaese" (cheese - either sliced or spready one - on crispbread). Don't know why, I didn't even eat it that much as a child... hohumm... But it's NICE!! :)

Currently trying to get Wolves stuff done before Tuesday - and the list seems to be never ending. Also have to make some Halloween cards and a "Get Well" card for my mum.

Mum had an OP to take out the temporary tracheal t-tube. She's going to have a CT on Monday to see what the next steps are. My sis told me yesterday that the worst would be a permanent tracheotomy, however, there are still other options fortunately. One involving an implant in the larynx to stretch the throat. The other involves a t-tube to widen the throat which will come out at some point. Haven't looked into this yet, still waiting for links from my sis so I can read up some stuff.
Let's just say that at least they found a nice anaesthetic "cocktail" for my mum she's not allergic to.

Ok, back to my Knaeckebrot, and then after my break getting more stuff done. :)

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sharonfruit said...

Glad to hear things with your Mum are making progress now. Fingers crossed they can find a good solution during the CT scan.

S xx