Monday, 30 April 2007

Hidden treasures

Markus and I decided to go for a walk today - one of the walks I've got in the book "25 walks in Edinburgh and the Lothians". Chip dropped us off near Penicuik and we walked along the old railway towards Roslin Glen.

What a beautiful day!!! Sun was shining, and it was really warm! The walk is very nice and I think I'll may walk it with my mum when she's coming over in August again.

The path itself is going alongside Roslin Glen to Rosslyn Chapel, but Markus and I decided to go through the Glen. We saw the old ruins of the Mill and the other factory buildings. Walked along the stream and then suddenly I smelled garlic!! Saw a plant that looked like Baerlauch (wild garlic) and took a photo. There was LOTS of it, and the leaves smelled of garlic, and once home again a look online confirmed that it was Baerlauch. :) Wish I had dug up some for planting in the garden, but then ... I think that's not allowed in Scotland. :(

We walked up Roslin Castle (didn't even know that there was one!!!), past the graveyard below Rosslyn Chapel and then to the Chapel's Cafe where we had a muffin each and some tea. Yumm!!! That was a nice reward for all that walking (2 hours I think?).

We had a look at the bus times and decided to walk further to another bus stop, as the LRT bus through Roslin only runs every 30 mins. So that was another 30 mins walk to the next town and then we took a more frequent bus home. :)

Now having dinner and then get ready to go to Calton Hill for Beltane 2007. Wonder how that is going to be, never been ... but ex -colleagues of mine (who were part of the cast) were not too happy with all those people who just went to Beltane to see scantily clad women and get totally drunk! :(

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Little bits of Edinburgh...

Totally tired today after the game on Saturday ... just normal though. Think it's part of the Zoladex as well. :( Markus and I helped Doug unloading the van at JKC, then quickly went to Borders and then took the bus into town. I just HAD to take him to the {Chocolate Soup}. :) But first we walked up to The Hub to get tickets for Beltane.

Wonderful day again, like the last couple of weeks. Think that's Summer done and dusted though! :)

If the weather is nice tomorrow we're going a bit for a walk - quite fancy the walk from near Penicuik to Rosslyn Chapel (and maybe change that and walk through Roslin Glen - never been there!!! :o ).

Friday, 27 April 2007


Still haven't updated the Blog ... life is hectic with preps for the game, me going back for scans and doing the next cycle hopefully from Thursday next week (this time only stimms, as I am totally shut down anyway) and then EC & ET in about 2-3 weeks... =:o

Have a house guest at the moment staying until Wednesday and at UKS there's our spring Cyber Crop with the theme "Mad Hatters" (Alice in Wonderland) but with everything going on this weekend I am probably not able to take part in anything (but have done pre-crop stuff like a swap and the mystery kit).

Off to watch another episode of Heroes so hopefully can update the blog on Sunday!! :) With hopefully good news about our game tomorrow.


Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Get ready for Saturday!!!

Just a wee reminder ... Saturday is the first evening game for the Wolves ... and it's our first Saturday game as well.

I know I still have to update the blog with lots of things, but just wanted to quickly give you this....

Sunday, 15 April 2007

First game over ... I am totally ZAPPED!! ;)

We've managed to put on our first Wolves season game at Meadowbank. Lots of hic-ups, including the ambulance arriving 1 hour late (fortunately within the time given by the referees :O ).

But the biggest thing - WE WON!!!! By 9 points. That makes our HC 4-0, and it's the first season opener the Wolves have won (as far as we can remember).

Totally knackered, so will give full report later ... but here's one of my fav photos I have taken today:

And thanks to our fans - you were FAB!!! :) (we had about 160 paying people plus kids who got in for free with vouchers).

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

I've succumbed...

...and subscribed to an embellishment kit ... it's the "Boomin' Blossoms" from Rebecca's Scrapbooking Stash and I got my first "tin" today ... doesn't it look LUSH??? I just LOVE the colours!!!

As a "Prima" Junkie I just had to subscribe... :)

I've got my dishwasher!!

Chip has built it in today - but we need another part for the plumbing to avoid stagnant water in the dishwasher. So I should be able to use it tomorrow for the first time! WAHEY!!! :)

Kitchen looks like a bomb has been dropped, but that's because we currently are one kitchen cabinet and a drawer short ... but that should be changing tomorrow as well as Chip is going to get another upright cabinet at Ikea (one that I've selected during our first trip there).

My voice is getting better, but it's still up and down with being there and fading. Suppose I really should keep the mouth shut and not talk at all. Doesn't help that I have people phoning, or Chip and Doug asking me questions!!!! 8-/

Monday, 9 April 2007

Mimimi ... my voice is gone ... 8/

Had a little cough yesterday morning when I woke up, still coughing through the day, but not big ... and suddenly, yesterday evening my voice disappeared.... :o There's next to nothing left ... NADA!!!

Must be hillarious for other people to hear me ... it's mostly a monologue if you phone me now ... HUH!

Have doctor's appointment tomorrow anyway, so will see what he's going to tell me ... I need my voice for Sunday and next week, cannot be mute when I am visiting family in Germany!!! :O

On another note ...our dishwasher gets delivered tomorrow between 4pm and 8pm ... gotta love those working times!!! And of course non-operator telephone systems. Otherwise I still wouldn't have gotten any confirmation of the delivery. LOL.