Sunday, 15 April 2007

First game over ... I am totally ZAPPED!! ;)

We've managed to put on our first Wolves season game at Meadowbank. Lots of hic-ups, including the ambulance arriving 1 hour late (fortunately within the time given by the referees :O ).

But the biggest thing - WE WON!!!! By 9 points. That makes our HC 4-0, and it's the first season opener the Wolves have won (as far as we can remember).

Totally knackered, so will give full report later ... but here's one of my fav photos I have taken today:

And thanks to our fans - you were FAB!!! :) (we had about 160 paying people plus kids who got in for free with vouchers).


sharonfruit said...

Sounds like a fantastic day all round :o) I bet the tuck shop wasn't up to usual standard though ;o)

Sharon xx

Anam_Kihaku said...

great news :) love hearing about it all.