Monday, 9 April 2007

Mimimi ... my voice is gone ... 8/

Had a little cough yesterday morning when I woke up, still coughing through the day, but not big ... and suddenly, yesterday evening my voice disappeared.... :o There's next to nothing left ... NADA!!!

Must be hillarious for other people to hear me ... it's mostly a monologue if you phone me now ... HUH!

Have doctor's appointment tomorrow anyway, so will see what he's going to tell me ... I need my voice for Sunday and next week, cannot be mute when I am visiting family in Germany!!! :O

On another note ...our dishwasher gets delivered tomorrow between 4pm and 8pm ... gotta love those working times!!! And of course non-operator telephone systems. Otherwise I still wouldn't have gotten any confirmation of the delivery. LOL.

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