Friday, 28 May 2010

How To Fold a T-shirt in 2 seconds

Yup, that's what I have been googling for today ... ;) DH mentioned this technique years ago, and we seem to look it up at least once a year... I personally have never tried this technique until today.

Just part of my day off work ... have done 3 washes and been doing ironing while watching TV downstairs, always having an eye on the weather. And yes, I dashed out twice to safe the washing! Deceiving sunshine ...

Ah well... back to the ironing board. :o

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Now … that sounds a bit harsh and scary, but yes … I sustained a mild concussion on Saturday when I got into my car after the Clansmen Alumni game! :o 

Was feeling ok (apart from a little sore after the bump – have done that a couple of times in my life, so why think of more? Would be a bump and maybe a bit bruised and ok in a couple of days) on Saturday, but woke up with a horrendous throbbing headache on Sunday.  But of course I just blamed the migraine … a very strong one, with painful eyes (felt as if someone was gouging them out!) and a very tight band around the head plus painful back of the head (lower occipital bone) and neck – all part of my usual “migraine routine”, so again… didn’t think of anything.

Monday the pain was a little less, but coming and going … and a felt a bit more nauseous than Sunday but again … coming and going…

During the night I didn’t sleep well, neck was painful depending on how I was lying down. Despite the headaches (coming and going though) I went to work … and during the bus ride I finally came to the conclusion that I might be concussed … “my” migraines don’t last longer than 24-48 hours and the pain was localized to the area I bumped when getting into the car … plus the nausea …  DH told me to phone NHS24, the nurse there seemed to agree with my self-diagnosis and sent me to RIE.

After 2 hours sitting in the waiting area (I’ve ALWAYS waited that long in that building … despite being sent over from the Western in the past, or being referred by NHS24 … doesn’t make any difference when I arrive or what day … :o Was a bit concerned NOT to be seen quicker than 1.5 hours by a nurse … head injury anyone!?!) I had full neurological testing by one of the docs, but we ruled out brain injuries (at least that!) and he agreed that I probably had a mild concussion … and apparently my migraine kicks in as a by-product …

Now slowly getting ROM (range of motion) back in my neck, and pain is getting better (although it’s still fairly bad in the mornings … probably depending on how I am lying down).

But then … who’d thought that you can give yourself a concussion when you knock your head on the car when getting into your seat!!! :o

Monday, 3 May 2010

Swamped with paperwork again & lappy off time!

What is it with Mondays before a game? Always a mad rush to get Wolves registrations done – I really wish we would get that sorted 2 weeks prior to a game, if players turn up on the Sunday prior to game day then tough – not getting registered until the week after. :o

Doesn’t help that my laptop has off time at the moment … doesn’t comply whatsoever! :(  I’ve tried a back up (but have to clear some space on my external HDD first!!), AntiSpyware check and virus scan, but somehow that doesn’t do the trick. I’m really in the mood to do a full format of the disk … have copied the most important things from the laptop so COULD do it, but DH’s lappy is off to repair and we might not get it back in time, which means mine is on standby for Saturday’s game… :o

So lost quite a bit of time doing the paperwork between 2 PCs, editing some photos for Saturday’s program … and still have lots more to do! :o