Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Little bit of Media..

We’ve been to see “The Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug” yesterday, and it’s absolutely FANTASTIC! LOVED IT!!! YAY!! Open-mouthed smile And have to admit that Kili grows on me a bit more (but still have Fili and of course Thorin as my favourite Dwarves, plus Balin). Winking smile Aidan Turner still won’t make it onto the Eye Candy list though.

Loved the fact that there was more elaboration on what Gandalf was doing during his travels away from the company of Dwarves and Bilbo, as that was only hinted upon in the book. Really good! Same with the Necromancer, which was only mentioned in the book, but not much more was written about him.

And then there was Smaug… WOW! NICE Dragon!! Smile Wondering now how much they digitally altered Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice, given that Richard Armitage trained his voice that he speaks about 2 bars lower than his normal voice when playing Thorin – and goosebumps when listening to him will add him to my favourite voice artists, too! On that list are already Christopher Lee (my #1 voice actor since I watched “The Last Unicorn” as a child!!) and Alan Rickman.

And for Tolkien purists: I don’t mind the added character of Tauriel (quite feisty) – could do without the Kili/Tauriel story though. The fact that Legolas is back is not a problem either, given that his Father is playing a fairly big role and he would have fought beside him.

I also don’t mind the dragging a small book into 3 movies (admittedly, I had my doubts, but they've gone). There’s so much explanation/elaboration for things I didn't know about and links are being established to the LOTR Series.

And of course, at the end of the movie another fantastic song… Really really LOVE it, has been on repeat on my laptop for a bit.  I give you… Ed Sheeran’s “I see Fire”. Smile  Love it that he included some sentences from the movie in the lyrics. The video is a fan made one, and the clips are from "The Hobbit - An unexpected Journey" - can't wait for someone to actually make a video with clips from DoS.

And then we have the switch to my newest “obsession” is Starz’ filming Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” (“Cross Stitch” in the UK) – it will be broadcast as a TV series in autumn 2014. And of course, if things are going well, then they will continue filming the books in the series… her eight’s, “Written in my own heart’s blood” is out in 2014, too! Smile

Just started re-reading “Cross Stitch” again (after having read it for the first time in 1991/1992 (?) and maybe once more since) and love seeing the updates and photos from the set. Casting choices so far look good to me, even though Jamie (Sam Heughan) took a bit to grow on me, but I don’t think I pictured anyone really (something I’m not really doing when reading books… weird?). I like the fact they don’t bring in Americans to play Scots, it’s mostly Scots with a couple of English. Winking smile

And how do I link it in the same post as The Hobbit – DOS???

Well… Dougal MacKenzie in “Outlander” is being played by “Dwalin” Actor Graham McTavish! Smile Six degrees, and all that?!? Winking smile

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Conditioned Kids??? ;)

Right … ok … DH and I had the discussion that an average 2.5 year old has a vocabulary of about 200 words apparently. And we wondered if we should be worried that our girls have a fairly big portion of geekdom/fandom in their vocabulary (Doctor Who, Tardis, Dalek, Cyberman, Loki)… Winking smile Not that we conditioned them or anything. And we haven’t even STARTED them on The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings yet… Winking smile 


Now … I think I can claim that I was a geeky child  … must have happened much later in life, in my teens and maybe even twens. While I believe Hubby ALWAYS was a geek in one way or the other. Open-mouthed smile


As for the girls… ummm… they don’t WATCH much Doctor Who and only know Loki from some Youtube stuff. And yet they seem to soak everything up, can see even the “old” Doctor Who actors and identify them properly as Doctor Who!

And then we visit my mum … she’s got a couple of Hundertwasser (Austrian painter) Calendar Pages framed (and I remember them from my childhood, they’ve just ALWAYS been on the wall back then)… And this time I had a good look at it, and the girls are always sitting opposite it at the table…


2013-12-10 19.39.06

Very abstract painting. But this time I saw something … and the girls obviously saw the same thing, as both said “Doctor Who!” And then Miss Martian quipped “TARDIS”. Now… why have I never seen this before?!?!?! Or at least in the last 10 years (since I was introduced to Doctor Who (older ones) and then the Restart of the series with Christopher Eccleston) ??

Here a closer look – and it’s not the Vortex that caught the girls’ and my eye… it’s the TARDIS in there!! Winking smile 

2013-12-10 19.38.57

Unbelievable!!! Winking smile 

My Mum said she got the calendar in the 70’s … now … was he influenced by Doctor Who? Winking smile

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Another Christmas Market (and some shopping)

Today we’ve been at the Hofheimer Weihnachtsmarkt (the Christmas Market in my mum’s town). It’s always quite nice to be there, and usually we’re meeting old friends there. This year we had a special treat for the Hobbits, as my sis bought them tickets for the carousel (ok, they only went onto the Carousels at the Frankfurt Market – their first time ever!), but this time they even went onto a mini “Kettenkarusell” – and they both loved it! It was just such a sight to see them laughing at us and waving and shouting “hi” every time they swung by! Smile 


Afterwards we decided to go shopping to the big Mall close to my mum’s, but due to timings and the fact that it would have been very busy there due to it being long opening hours due to Christmas we decided to go to a big shop only to pick up some syrup for the Sodastream, get some chocolates etc.

I even found a Pomelo! Which I’ve yet to find in Edinburgh somewhere!! Surprised smile

Here we are again…

Nope, haven’t done any journalling/planning for JYC so far. It just seems with me being the driver when we’re in Germany and everyone wanting to see us and us wanting to go to Christmas Markets and shops … there’s always sooo little time for the one week we’re here in December.

This year we even forgot the St. Nikolaus tradition for the girls! Ah well… another thing to keep for next year. Trying not to get stressed about things, but that’s not easy all the time. I think we’ve done most shopping, we still have to go and visit my dad for another lunch, and tomorrow we’re going away with my mum and her friends. Me driving again, as DH doesn’t drive in Germany, and my mum’s car is too small to fit us all in as my big sis is coming along, too, and her car is currently booked in for repair after Christmas, so she’s not allowed to do longer distances with it.

I just want to have a break, want to sit down and start doing some crochet (patterns & wool I’ve got with me!). But it seems I’m always on the go go go…

Ah well… hoping to do that tomorrow if not now once the girls are down. Just so exhausted and tired. And missing the internet as well (we can only go online on my mum’s laptop, as mine doesn’t really seem to comply with the German Ethernet connection). Missing the data usage on my phone, but data roaming is faaaaar too expensive.

Here’s hoping for better time – but I can see us rushing around every day before we’re heading back home Wednesday morning…

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas Cards (JYC)

Christmas cards … mmmh… being a paper crafter you’d think I’ll make my cards and then send them to friends and families.

Well… I did… in the past. But it all got overboard with having to send cards to family friends that I haven’t seen in ages or maybe haven’t even met and only sent cards because they send some to us. Tit for tat and all that. Hand made cards were usually kept for best friends, crop friends and close family. People you’d think who’d treasure them.

Then Royal Mail decided to put up postage to a stupid height for cards (first the overseas cards went, then even the UK ones were cut down). And once the Hobbits arrived I totally cut down. This year there will be only cards for Crop friends and my best Friend Sharon. Oh, and maybe some neighbours. 

However, my family is getting some nice e-cards from Jacqui Lawson. And most friends usually just do the Social Networking Christmas greetings nowadays anyway. Winking smile 

I do like getting cards, but I don’t really do the tit for tat anymore, as that can get very silly (and expensive). Most of the family/family friends' cards are usually included in MIL’s list anyway, so I actually sent duplicates in previous years.

I used to have a family Newsletter included in the cards for family and close friends, but even that somehow ended a couple of years ago, and so far I haven’t taken it up again – and given that I don’t send cards anymore, it’s kinda gone redundant anyway.

As for the display of cards – I have 2 metal ring thingies which hold about 30 cards each which I will put up on the wall in the living room again for cards.

Cards in the future – I suspect I will send more again to family and close friends once Supergirl and Miss Martian want to include their artistic ventures in them.

And yes, I am sad that I’m not making/sending as many cards anymore, as I really liked the tradition of that, and I really like receiving them. Shame that things are getting more expensive and that time is always a factor. Like most/every crafter I’m planning EVERY YEAR to make some Christmas cards every month but have yet to stick to that. Surprised smile Maybe in 2014!!

Oh, what a disjointed blog post for JYC … but that should be ok I think.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Nearly that time of year again…

… and this time I hope I can stick to journalling etc. Smile 

Yup, it’s time for the  Journal your Christmas (JYC) 2013!!!

It’s my favourite class from Shimelle, and despite me having not finished ONE SINGLE journal/album since I started in 2005 (?), I’m hoping for the best for this year. Smile 

My plans are to use my newly (??!) purchased SN@P album for it and work with that. Have to prep some things, i.e get embellishments and cardstock/patterned paper sorted/into one box – I’ll try to get some time each evening to make my layouts.

Or at least I am planning on blogging every day for the duration of this class.

If you like Christmas and are a fan of Shimelle’s, you might want to have a looksie here to read what it’s all about and to purchase the class. As with all of Shimelle’s classes you purchase it once and then get the prompts (for annual classes) the next year around for free.

For all the “alumni” – I’ll see you at “class”. Winking smile 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Doctor Who is 50! ;)

Err… ok… the whole “weekly update” thing hasn’t panned out just yet, has it? But at least I’m posting more often than before, so that’s a step up. Open-mouthed smile

Right… yesterday was the 50th Birthday/Anniversary of Doctor Who. The whole household has followed the Birthday week programs etc, the Twins can identify all the Doctors, a Tardis (and yes, there are 2 in the Grassmarket and the Cowgate, i.e. on the way to hubby’s work – as pointed out by the girls), a Dalek.

We’ve been clearing the garden a bit yesterday early afternoon (raking leaves and picking up firework leftovers from Bonfire/Guy Fawkes night (the sticks and packaging from the rockets once set off etc), then the girls had their nap and I went up the road to friends who had a Doctor Who marathon from 10am already. DH and the girls arrived an hour later and we stayed for 2 episodes with the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy).

We decided to let the girls stay up for the 50th Anniversary Episode, “The Day of the Doctor”, which proved to be a little problem, as the girls got a bit antsy about 2/3 through the show, so we had to “review” a bit of it after they’d been in bed. Winking smile 


(The girls are holding our two “houseguests” from a Craftsters, A.D. Pose & Adi Pose – i.e. 2 crocheted Adiposes) in their arms. Smile )

Anyway… what can I say… WOW! OMG! And all those people who don’t like Doctor Who and have been spouting comments on updates from Whovians on Facebook – geesh, get a life! You have your own preferred TV moments (most likely soccer etc – so nothing I would comment on anyway as I’m not interested) why comment on (your friends’?) updates and dissing the show?!?!

We (including the girls) LOVED it … and now cannot wait for the Christmas Special (apart from Matt’s regeneration into Peter, there are still open questions, like how did Clara get out of the Doctor’s Time stream?!?!).  Was good to see how they brought the “War Doctor” into it, was of course very nice to see the 10th Doctor again (LOL) and just the way David and Matt were playing off each other – great! The plotline obviously gives now more ways of more regenerations than just the 12 stated. And nice to see John Hurt regenerating, just a shame that Eccleston didn’t come back for the regeneration scene. Ah well… bad blood after all??

Seeing Tom Baker at the end was fun as well… somehow “the Curator” sounded familiar to me, but might have been from a different show…

And then of course the one thing we didn’t realise was coming up (on red button) but thanks to the Internet can still be watched … The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot… Smile FAAAAAAAAAB! Just wish BBC would have shown it officially, and we’re hoping they will show it before the Christmas Episode (even if it’s just on BBC Three).

Unfortunately it’s not fully on youtube yet, but you can watch it during the next 6 days here. Sorry, I’m not sure if non-UK residents can see it… Surprised smile 

And some behind the scenes from “The Day of the Doctor” as well… just because.

Oh… and just a final note (to shut up those Doctor Who “haters” … Winking smile ) – Yesterday’s Simulcast of “The Day of the Doctor” broke Guinness World Record.

Ah well… now it’s just doing the countdown for Christmas … fortunately not as long as waiting for the 50th Anniversary Episode! Smile

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Sometimes the cover IS better than the original! :)

Stumbled over this version while trailing Youtube – have to admit I never heard of Sam Tsui, but I really LOVE his version of Taylor Swift’s “Safe and Sound” and even prefer it over the original.  But you can make your own decision on that…

And for comparison the original…

Sunday, 10 November 2013

10 on the 10th (after a long time)…EYE CANDY

Well… always thought I’d manage to post the 10 things on the 10th, but then somehow it’s a week later, and it didn’t happen. Drafting the post didn’t happen either.

So let’s see if we can revive it again. Not sure how many of Shimelle’s students are still doing the 10 things on the 10th, but I see some popping up in between.

Explanation for this month’s 10 things … I saw “Thor – The Dark World” and somehow have to admit that I’ve joined “Team Loki” (that’s after I’d seen “Thor” and “Avengers Assemble” – but it just “hit home” on Thursday).

So, this month will show some *eye candy* (at my age, am I allowed that ? Winking smile And also have to double check, with some (?!?!) of them there might be the term “cougar” needed… LOL).
So let’s start … in no particular order/ranking…

1) Tom Hiddleston/Loki

2) Richard Armitage/Thorin Oakenshield

3) David Tennant

4) Christian Bale

5) Zachary Levi/Fandral

6) Ben Affleck

7) Pierce Brosnan

8) Ryan Reynolds

9) Hugh Jackman

10) Robert Downey Jr

There are of course others … Winking smile But it’s only 10 allowed, so that’s 10 above. Only 3 of them are younger than me, and that not even by much, so no “cougar” after all. Winking smile

Mmmh… so what have I learned from this? I quite like ruffled hair and am partly partial to facial hair … ummmmmh. Poor hubby! Winking smile And don’t worry … he’s got his own list of eye candy!

And now… just to round it up … and something I just cannot leave out… Let’s “SAY HIS NAME” and kneel! Open-mouthed smile