Saturday, 7 December 2013

Another Christmas Market (and some shopping)

Today we’ve been at the Hofheimer Weihnachtsmarkt (the Christmas Market in my mum’s town). It’s always quite nice to be there, and usually we’re meeting old friends there. This year we had a special treat for the Hobbits, as my sis bought them tickets for the carousel (ok, they only went onto the Carousels at the Frankfurt Market – their first time ever!), but this time they even went onto a mini “Kettenkarusell” – and they both loved it! It was just such a sight to see them laughing at us and waving and shouting “hi” every time they swung by! Smile 


Afterwards we decided to go shopping to the big Mall close to my mum’s, but due to timings and the fact that it would have been very busy there due to it being long opening hours due to Christmas we decided to go to a big shop only to pick up some syrup for the Sodastream, get some chocolates etc.

I even found a Pomelo! Which I’ve yet to find in Edinburgh somewhere!! Surprised smile

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