Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Little bit of Media..

We’ve been to see “The Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug” yesterday, and it’s absolutely FANTASTIC! LOVED IT!!! YAY!! Open-mouthed smile And have to admit that Kili grows on me a bit more (but still have Fili and of course Thorin as my favourite Dwarves, plus Balin). Winking smile Aidan Turner still won’t make it onto the Eye Candy list though.

Loved the fact that there was more elaboration on what Gandalf was doing during his travels away from the company of Dwarves and Bilbo, as that was only hinted upon in the book. Really good! Same with the Necromancer, which was only mentioned in the book, but not much more was written about him.

And then there was Smaug… WOW! NICE Dragon!! Smile Wondering now how much they digitally altered Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice, given that Richard Armitage trained his voice that he speaks about 2 bars lower than his normal voice when playing Thorin – and goosebumps when listening to him will add him to my favourite voice artists, too! On that list are already Christopher Lee (my #1 voice actor since I watched “The Last Unicorn” as a child!!) and Alan Rickman.

And for Tolkien purists: I don’t mind the added character of Tauriel (quite feisty) – could do without the Kili/Tauriel story though. The fact that Legolas is back is not a problem either, given that his Father is playing a fairly big role and he would have fought beside him.

I also don’t mind the dragging a small book into 3 movies (admittedly, I had my doubts, but they've gone). There’s so much explanation/elaboration for things I didn't know about and links are being established to the LOTR Series.

And of course, at the end of the movie another fantastic song… Really really LOVE it, has been on repeat on my laptop for a bit.  I give you… Ed Sheeran’s “I see Fire”. Smile  Love it that he included some sentences from the movie in the lyrics. The video is a fan made one, and the clips are from "The Hobbit - An unexpected Journey" - can't wait for someone to actually make a video with clips from DoS.

And then we have the switch to my newest “obsession” is Starz’ filming Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” (“Cross Stitch” in the UK) – it will be broadcast as a TV series in autumn 2014. And of course, if things are going well, then they will continue filming the books in the series… her eight’s, “Written in my own heart’s blood” is out in 2014, too! Smile

Just started re-reading “Cross Stitch” again (after having read it for the first time in 1991/1992 (?) and maybe once more since) and love seeing the updates and photos from the set. Casting choices so far look good to me, even though Jamie (Sam Heughan) took a bit to grow on me, but I don’t think I pictured anyone really (something I’m not really doing when reading books… weird?). I like the fact they don’t bring in Americans to play Scots, it’s mostly Scots with a couple of English. Winking smile

And how do I link it in the same post as The Hobbit – DOS???

Well… Dougal MacKenzie in “Outlander” is being played by “Dwalin” Actor Graham McTavish! Smile Six degrees, and all that?!? Winking smile

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