Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas Cards (JYC)

Christmas cards … mmmh… being a paper crafter you’d think I’ll make my cards and then send them to friends and families.

Well… I did… in the past. But it all got overboard with having to send cards to family friends that I haven’t seen in ages or maybe haven’t even met and only sent cards because they send some to us. Tit for tat and all that. Hand made cards were usually kept for best friends, crop friends and close family. People you’d think who’d treasure them.

Then Royal Mail decided to put up postage to a stupid height for cards (first the overseas cards went, then even the UK ones were cut down). And once the Hobbits arrived I totally cut down. This year there will be only cards for Crop friends and my best Friend Sharon. Oh, and maybe some neighbours. 

However, my family is getting some nice e-cards from Jacqui Lawson. And most friends usually just do the Social Networking Christmas greetings nowadays anyway. Winking smile 

I do like getting cards, but I don’t really do the tit for tat anymore, as that can get very silly (and expensive). Most of the family/family friends' cards are usually included in MIL’s list anyway, so I actually sent duplicates in previous years.

I used to have a family Newsletter included in the cards for family and close friends, but even that somehow ended a couple of years ago, and so far I haven’t taken it up again – and given that I don’t send cards anymore, it’s kinda gone redundant anyway.

As for the display of cards – I have 2 metal ring thingies which hold about 30 cards each which I will put up on the wall in the living room again for cards.

Cards in the future – I suspect I will send more again to family and close friends once Supergirl and Miss Martian want to include their artistic ventures in them.

And yes, I am sad that I’m not making/sending as many cards anymore, as I really liked the tradition of that, and I really like receiving them. Shame that things are getting more expensive and that time is always a factor. Like most/every crafter I’m planning EVERY YEAR to make some Christmas cards every month but have yet to stick to that. Surprised smile Maybe in 2014!!

Oh, what a disjointed blog post for JYC … but that should be ok I think.

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Maria Ontiveros said...

I made some handmade cards today for my crafty friends, but most people will be getting photo cards. I still need to address them and get them in the mail.