Friday, 29 June 2007

Arrived in Leicester...

Quite nice campus (not as nice as the improved Heriot Watt though ;) ) and first time ever for me to be act ually at Uni and living "on site" ... We've got flats here, sharing ours (flat 1 of Prestwold) with Mel and Jamie (don't know him I think) and have to say it's quite a nice flat. Small-ish rooms ... not designed for couples, so Doug and I have one room each ... en-suite shower and loo and a communal kitchen.

Currently trying to get some channels to work on my laptop (TV) but I fear we won't get BBC1 or BBC3 on here :( Mobile phone doesn't get any signal either ... probably a steel cage ... :o My laptop has DTV, and we'd hoped to be able to record the last episode of DOCTOR WHO on it tomorrow night while we're at the Gala Dinner, but it doesn't look good. Wonder if we'd get any signal in the dining hall??? :D

Drive down was ok, I woke up with headaches/migraine, so felt totally zapped in the car and probably could have slept all way down the A1/M1. Eyes still hurt (seems to be a effect of the headaches) and that and the headaches made me decide not to join the lot at the pub. Considering the SMOKING BAN does not come into force until Sunday down here in England I think that's a wise decision. :o

Didn't have torrential rain on the way down like when we went to BritBowl XX last September, just the odd drizzle, but Doug was absolutely in a foul mood, moaning about drivers and all that (and gave me a hard time at the last bit when we didn't get the 100% correct route he printed out (Well... that's Multimap for you!!!) and because we missed our Hall of Residence by a couple of meters (not the best signs out there for drivers really!!!). Nearly bit my head off there!!! He's really angry and aggressive all the time lately (think for the last couple of months!!) and takes everything very personal. :(

Went to ASDA to get some food for us (Chinese takeaway for 2 - it's £2 per person for one main, choice of rice, one starter and prawn crackers!) - I had the Char Sui with Special Fried rice, a prawn wonton and Doug's got Duck with fried rice and a duck spring roll. Also got some Muffins just in case ... as you can see, the diet/detox is gone for the weekend... may as well, with the Gala dinner tomorrow evening, packed lunches (sandwiches, fruit, crisps) and a breakfast on Sunday morning.

*****NEWSFLASH!!! DOCTOR WHO & DOCTOR WHO CONFIDENTIAL IS SAVED*** (provided the channels are available tomorrow as well!! :O)

And other news ... The NFLE/NFL Europa is no more. Apparently there was an announcement today but we'll hear more tomorrow when Alistair Kirkwood will turn up. Am I sorry? Not anymore really ... Claymores were nastily axed, and for the GFL this means only positives ... Players are not being Nationals in the NFLE anymore and can play the full season with their GFL team. And for the BAFL ... not much difference, apart from youngsters having to aspire to play for College Teams or if you want to dream then NFL teams. Don't think the NFLE did get enough coverage in the UK to take credit for new rookies coming to the sport.

Ok... getting late now ... I am off to bed now... :)

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Back at work musings...

Day 5 at work ... that being over 4 weeks... :) Quite good, at least I am out of the house and around people (which in the past was mostly with Wolves Players/Fans or the Crop Girls) and actually EARNING money!! :)

Having a new manager makes a huge difference! Ewan does the team mighty good, he doesn't stress us as much, doesn't set impossible targets and he KNOWS what work we're doing and has a clue how much stuff takes.

I am doing the Unit-Linked correspondence queue (could have guessed that... :D ) which probably has about 60-70% UL cases, the rest is about ANYTHING ... change of bank details, tax correspondence, policy details... Apparently anything complex or anything that is regarding a UL policy is going in there, even though it's just change of bank details etc. The "indexing team" (another outsourcing!!) only seems to go for the class code of the policies... Mentioned that to Ewan today, so think he's getting someone to go through the work queue and prune it so it really contains only complex unit linked queries.

Had lunch with Heather and Lisa today downstairs in the restaurant. Was fun, specially as I haven't been to lunch with them in ages (can't believe it's over 9 months that I left the company!!!). Had packed lunch though because of the detox. Lots of talk about Archie, Lucy and Heather's 2nd pregnancy, but that's ok ... don't have trouble with it when it's friends. And the whole m/c thing has not sunk into my heart yet (not sure if it ever will???) so it's not that much of a bother.

Funny to see the surprise on people's faces who know me from my 6 years at SW and now see me back... :o And everyone agrees (as usual) ... the company should have taken me up on my offer to work 2 days per week until February/March ... And to be honest .. if the EMPLOYEES can see it, but the EMPLOYER doesn't ... NO COMMENT!!

Have been doing the deposits again (think that's my monthly task now for my time temping for them) - still takes some time to get back into, I am still reading up bits and bobs in the training notes I've written 3 years ago. :)

And then ... the phones!! I had to call Adecco (internally) yesterday and was sitting in front of that monstrous phone ... Couldn't for the life of me remember how to use it!!! It's one of those call centre phones, with 2 different lines etc. Me and my colleagues had a good laugh about my inability to remember how to use it!! LOL!!!

Think I am going to work Tuesdays and Wednesdays unless there are holidays or sickness coming in between. Ewan doesn't mind, he's ok with me telling him the week before which days I want to work.

Wonder if I am getting in trouble with our lineman Big Lee - he's coaching Ewan's son in Judo, and we've been talking about Lee (2nd tallest, 2nd heaviest?, not very fast - not necessary for his position - and not very good in promoting the Wolves ;) ) ... teeheee!!! Will see what Lee says on Sunday at training if he's down. :)

Saturday, 16 June 2007

We're done!

Another blood test this morning... and we're now done. Definitely below 5, and we're going to have a follow up appointment in July to see what we do for the next time, and when we are going to do the next cycle.

My brain wasn't working too well for times today either ... I was convinced my acupuncture appointment was at 11:30am, but when I checked the calendar at 11:10 it showed I should have been there at 11!!! So gave Julia a quick call, she said that she's free for another couple of hours and so I went down for 12:30pm. Was good to get the needles put in again (never would have thought I'd say that... ever!!!), and Julia certainly found a congestion in my "kidney channel" ... probably all the toxins from the m/c. :o

At least I don't have any more blood tests until we're on the next cycle ... phew! Was a bit much going back and forth to ERI.

After dinner we went to see "Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer" with Ali & Debs ... was good, not as kiddy orientated than the first one.

Off to bed now ... have to get up early tomorrow to finish packing my crop bag .... and maybe printing some photos would be quite helpful as well!!! :O

Friday, 15 June 2007

Quick update..

It was great to see "Friday Night Lights" on the big screen again... DH and I have seen it in Orlando when it came out in 2004. Shame that I don't seem to be able to watch a sport movie which shows injuries and/or scan results without diagnosing every injury! LOL!!

Well... it failed as a fund raiser ... because the concept of a fundraiser is to raise money ... I think we broke even. Think we had 30 people in total turning up. :( Shame we couldn't get one of the American Football Films from this year ... "We are Marshall", "Invincible" or "Gridiron Gang". That may have gotten us a bigger crowd ... or maybe just a non-football movie? Don't know.

Any suggestions for fund raisers for our Junior and Senior teams are much appreciated! :o

Thursday, 14 June 2007

The Eagle has landed ...

... or something along those lines... ;)

Parcelforce has picked up the box, all went fine ... and I still haven't cleaned the bathroom ... will skip that and leave it for tomorrow I think. :o

Have to go into town in 1 hour for the Fund raiser cinema showing for our juniors. Not that we expect lots of people ... :( Wasn't handled too well, and friends actually thought it was cancelled as they haven't heard anything last week etc. :o


This time I am on the sending end, after I've called them "Parcelfarce" when we're at the receiving end... :O

A box is waiting downstairs for pick up ... containing one complete football set ... pants, lowers, shoulder pads, jersey (old Wolves) and lid. Some photoshoot thingy in LONDON!!! So somehow the guy contacted us, after he didn't get anywhere with the teams in and around London.

HAPPY TO OBLIGE!! Any promotion of our team is good ... as long as it is not dodgy!! :D

First time I did the PF thing ... online, and pick up! At least I don't have to go to our PO with the box. That would be fun (NOT).

Now ... am I going to start cleaning the bathroom? Or just do some scrapping or so while waiting for the Parcelforce guy? ... Mmmmh... think it's the bathroom ... really NEEDS some TLC just now. :)

Monday, 11 June 2007

It's gone ...

That's it ... I'm bowing out again from the pregnancy quarter ... scan today didn't show anything, not even a flicker or a sac/yolk (but a small cyst again on left ovvie) and blood test came back with hCG 9. That's me for this round ...

What went wrong? Was there something done wrong by the clinic? They gave us a different date for the ET than was written down on our sheet (maybe that's why my first scan was biochemical?) and I didn't get any more pessaries after they found out I was biochemical.

No crying yet, it's not sunk in yet ... I am just feeling as if my body has been taking the mick the last 3 weeks!!! :(

Off for another scan/blood test on Friday and then we'll see what's going on. Think they still have to make sure that there is nothing ectopic anywhere... :o

I'm going to ease back into diet tomorrow (with a small change for tomorrow and Wednesday for lunch) just to be on the safe side.

It's weird ... I felt like I connected with SOMETHING in my belly since Monday, but obviously it must have been already gone when I had the clots Monday night.

Torture to go back again and again for beta tests ... I know that it has to be done from health point of view but still.... couldn't I just go back to my GP to get it done?

Both nurses today, Irene and Sharon, were very understanding, Irene was really shocked when she had to give me the result over the phone, as she gave us the good news last week.

I assume it's at least a positive thing to know that I CAN get to week 5 ... but yes, as one of the girls on FF mentioned ... The last thing I want to hear is the "Better luck next time", "There's always a next time", "Wasn't meant to be this time" .... hohumm!!

We can go for counselling ... not sure if I am going to take them up on that, but who knows, once the tears were there.... ?

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Lazy-ish day

Well... stopped bleeding this morning (for the time being ... still worrying about everything!!!) so decided to take it easy to prevent new bleeding to start - stupid thinking? Well, brain function is not up to speed at the moment anyway!! ;)

So have been doing some washing up, filling & emptying the dishwasher (thank goodness we bought that thing!!!) and shredding papers. :)

Rest of the day I've been playing some games I've downloaded from Big Fish Games (those free trial for 60 mins thingies). My favourites are currently those "Time Management" games like "Coffee Shop", "Grimm's Hatchery" etc. :) FUN! And NO idea why I like them. :)

Was actually thinking about scrapping a bit today, but ... errr.. games got in the way. However, saw Anam's journal entry for today's "Scrap-A-Month" challenge and while we're having a different basis I think I am using that challenge for another LO for my IVF album (which I haven't touched in ages *cough* ). Planning on doing that tomorrow after clearing my scrap desk and doing some paperwork for the Junior Wolves.

But now ... think I am going to play "Insaniquarium Deluxe" for a bit .. had the normal version as trial and it was fairly addictive! :)

Friday, 8 June 2007

Insomnia started???

Well... what have you! Been renewing my "friendship" with the loo, and can't sleep (but eyes are droopy and all that ... just cannot fall asleep!!!). Doesn't help that DH has problems with his hayfever again, so blocked nose breathing, snoring etc. keeps me from falling asleep - I really need absolute quiet to fall asleep ... or need to listen to music. That's something I started as a child and only stopped a couple of years ago, i.e. I couldn't fall asleep without music at all until ... mmmh... say 2004/05?

Wish I could switch off the brain from the fear of miscarriage as well ... would help with the sleeping, wouldn't it? If I have problems tomorrow I'm going to have a nice hot milk with honey or maybe Whittards Dreamtime.

Hope that all this is a good sign towards pregnancy and the impending scan on Monday ... have to phone EFREC later today to confirm the time ... think it was 11:30am but could be 10:30am ... was totally shocked when they told me at the same time that I am actually pregnant!!! ;)

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Doing some housework...

Well, we've been doing some housework today - stuff we usually don't have time for (i.e. going through the boxes in the spare bedroom... also called "box room" for obvious reasons! LOL). Well, DH did it ... I did a shop inventory for the American Football stuff we got from the BAFL (British American Football League) for selling at our home games.

Then did some ironing as well. Just cannot take time out and keep the feet up which everyone seems to suggest for me because of the bleeding. It kept my mind off things though (well.. as much as that can be in my situation).

Tonight I had to google/read up on the FF Forum again ... the bigger clot still worries me, but it was just the one ... and I AM having clots normally during AF which is because of the endometriosis. From what I heard you'd have lots of clots when you have a m/c, so I'll grab that straw and hope for the best on Monday. Somehow cannot get the thought out of my head that we may have lost one of the twins though - if there ever were 2 getting to implantation stage. But then... apparently bleeding in early pregnancy is more common if there's twins/multiples ...???

OK! I think I better leave the whole thinking process now and continue watching Cold Case. Just glad that bleeding has gone down to spotting more or less now.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Have been CJing today ... but not really happy! :(

Had to do a CJ Entry ... was already a bit late. But somehow my MOJO is still not with me ... well, it's probably because it was one of the few CJ entries where I don't use photos ... and that's a bit hard for me. ;) And of course the fact that I usually don't use those "pop-out" colours ... :) Maybe I should look into scrapping some of my summer/Florida photos with those colours?

Theme for the CJ was "Colourful" and "Quotes". I've used my current favourite Quote "And why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up" (Batman Begins) on my new quotation stamps and on the top I used a quote I found googling today ... "Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures" (Henry Ward Beecher).

Not sure how I feel about this entry ... hope Inga from the SBS Forum likes it!!

Doing the CJ has taken my thoughts a bit off things, but no big news ... I am still slightly bleeding, have back pain, heart burn ... but no cramps anymore.

It's weird - before Monday I was worried about the cramping and heavy-ish bleeding, and now I am worried because I DON'T have cramps and bleed only lightly!!! Let's hope it's still the lunacy of pregnancy!! :)

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

A bit worried ... and Questionmark Stage ...

Still bleeding ... surely I shouldn't really? Been reading up on the Web and Fertility Friends and while there are several posts/infos about bleeding being more common than you'd think, it is still worrying.

Also had some clots yesterday night ... and quite a bit of cramps. :( But not very bad pain, i.e. not different to period or endo pains, so do not think it's a miscarriage ... well, I HOPE it's not!

Or maybe just one of the two little ones?
DH asked me a couple of times if I want to phone EFREC about it, but right now I am feeling ok-ish - doubt they can bring the scan forward (apparently I am going to start my 6th week next Monday).

Cramps have gone now, and the bleeding is reduced, my tummy is not happy with the food I had today and else ... heartburn, feeling warm (but have no fever) and all that.

Really have to put this picture on my blog!!!! It's an Orange Spot ... the sign for Sticky vibes etc. on
Fertility Friends.

Ok, little un/s ... hold on!!! Please!!!!

Monday, 4 June 2007

Day 21 ... result... OMG!!!!

Tired, crampy and still bleeding ... that's me, on the way to EFREC, all grumpy etc. Just waiting for a fallout with DH really ... we usually don't spend that much time (24/7) in the same place together if we're not on holiday AWAY from home... ;)

Arrived at 9:15 am at the clinic, all was fairly quiet so got seen fairly quickly. Irene drew blood today, told her about the period pain, the bleeding and all that. We already switched to next cycle, about what the waiting list is (private for fresh is December without cancellation), what the situation for LHB (NHS) funding ... we only get an FET (frozen embryo transfer) on LHB because they got 4 frosties out of me with the funded cycle ... So once we phone at lunch we'd probably get an appointment with one of the consultants for a follow up.

DH joked about that it would be typical for us to get a BFP after all ... with all the ups and downs etc. But just a joke as usual. While I expected a BFP on Wednesday really still, I am convinced the little uns have gone...

Went shopping at Lidl and Morrisons on the way back, bought some nice chicken liver for next week, just because I fancy it and with a nearly definite negative I can eat it again without trouble (too much Vit A for trying to conceive/IVF).

Phoned the clinic at 12:15pm .... spoke to Irene ... who started "Do you remember what you said earlier today...???"

hCG result today is 600+ !!!!!! We calculated that the normal level (with doubling every 48 hrs) should be around 420 .....

I don't have a biochemical pregnancy anymore .... I AM PREGNANT!!!

Not wanting to be happy too early, with the bleeding and all that .... it still could be ectopic (we checked ... it would be if there's still a little bit left of the tubes, that's where it could be), and of course there is still the full first trimester where I can miscarry ....

But OMG !!!

The docs want to keep a close eye on me, so I have to go back on Monday for yet another blood test and probably a scan ... Scared of that now ... hope the bleeding stops soon. Have been reading on the FF
and there are a couple of girls who had bleeding early in pregnancy and still came to full term....

Soooo ... please keep your fingers crossed for me... I'll keep you updated. :)

Family knows, and some of my friends, but we won't inform everyone until we're out of the dangerzone...

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Not very hopeful...

Tomorrow is our 2nd beta test for the hCG ... I've been bleeding (really, not just spotting ... but it's light red and no clots in it like normal period) since Friday and so don't expect any good result tomorrow.

Told my mum about that, was feeling crappy all day and really could do without going into EFREC tomorrow just to get blood taken and then having to phone again at lunch to be told that it's now a BFN! :(

Watched the first episode of "Vanished" today ... quite good, will continue watching it.