Friday, 8 June 2007

Insomnia started???

Well... what have you! Been renewing my "friendship" with the loo, and can't sleep (but eyes are droopy and all that ... just cannot fall asleep!!!). Doesn't help that DH has problems with his hayfever again, so blocked nose breathing, snoring etc. keeps me from falling asleep - I really need absolute quiet to fall asleep ... or need to listen to music. That's something I started as a child and only stopped a couple of years ago, i.e. I couldn't fall asleep without music at all until ... mmmh... say 2004/05?

Wish I could switch off the brain from the fear of miscarriage as well ... would help with the sleeping, wouldn't it? If I have problems tomorrow I'm going to have a nice hot milk with honey or maybe Whittards Dreamtime.

Hope that all this is a good sign towards pregnancy and the impending scan on Monday ... have to phone EFREC later today to confirm the time ... think it was 11:30am but could be 10:30am ... was totally shocked when they told me at the same time that I am actually pregnant!!! ;)

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Anam_Kihaku said...

**hugs** you have a long road ahead of you either way so try to rest.. yes the first few weeks are terrifing but your little ones need you to be rested ok - even if its not sleeping :) ads for snoring hubbyies well i once resorted to sleeping inthe bathroom due to mine.