Thursday, 21 June 2007

Back at work musings...

Day 5 at work ... that being over 4 weeks... :) Quite good, at least I am out of the house and around people (which in the past was mostly with Wolves Players/Fans or the Crop Girls) and actually EARNING money!! :)

Having a new manager makes a huge difference! Ewan does the team mighty good, he doesn't stress us as much, doesn't set impossible targets and he KNOWS what work we're doing and has a clue how much stuff takes.

I am doing the Unit-Linked correspondence queue (could have guessed that... :D ) which probably has about 60-70% UL cases, the rest is about ANYTHING ... change of bank details, tax correspondence, policy details... Apparently anything complex or anything that is regarding a UL policy is going in there, even though it's just change of bank details etc. The "indexing team" (another outsourcing!!) only seems to go for the class code of the policies... Mentioned that to Ewan today, so think he's getting someone to go through the work queue and prune it so it really contains only complex unit linked queries.

Had lunch with Heather and Lisa today downstairs in the restaurant. Was fun, specially as I haven't been to lunch with them in ages (can't believe it's over 9 months that I left the company!!!). Had packed lunch though because of the detox. Lots of talk about Archie, Lucy and Heather's 2nd pregnancy, but that's ok ... don't have trouble with it when it's friends. And the whole m/c thing has not sunk into my heart yet (not sure if it ever will???) so it's not that much of a bother.

Funny to see the surprise on people's faces who know me from my 6 years at SW and now see me back... :o And everyone agrees (as usual) ... the company should have taken me up on my offer to work 2 days per week until February/March ... And to be honest .. if the EMPLOYEES can see it, but the EMPLOYER doesn't ... NO COMMENT!!

Have been doing the deposits again (think that's my monthly task now for my time temping for them) - still takes some time to get back into, I am still reading up bits and bobs in the training notes I've written 3 years ago. :)

And then ... the phones!! I had to call Adecco (internally) yesterday and was sitting in front of that monstrous phone ... Couldn't for the life of me remember how to use it!!! It's one of those call centre phones, with 2 different lines etc. Me and my colleagues had a good laugh about my inability to remember how to use it!! LOL!!!

Think I am going to work Tuesdays and Wednesdays unless there are holidays or sickness coming in between. Ewan doesn't mind, he's ok with me telling him the week before which days I want to work.

Wonder if I am getting in trouble with our lineman Big Lee - he's coaching Ewan's son in Judo, and we've been talking about Lee (2nd tallest, 2nd heaviest?, not very fast - not necessary for his position - and not very good in promoting the Wolves ;) ) ... teeheee!!! Will see what Lee says on Sunday at training if he's down. :)

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helen said...

Doesn't it make you feel worthwhile to be back at work? NOT!! lol

By the way...totally love your "torn" video! lol