Saturday, 9 June 2007

Lazy-ish day

Well... stopped bleeding this morning (for the time being ... still worrying about everything!!!) so decided to take it easy to prevent new bleeding to start - stupid thinking? Well, brain function is not up to speed at the moment anyway!! ;)

So have been doing some washing up, filling & emptying the dishwasher (thank goodness we bought that thing!!!) and shredding papers. :)

Rest of the day I've been playing some games I've downloaded from Big Fish Games (those free trial for 60 mins thingies). My favourites are currently those "Time Management" games like "Coffee Shop", "Grimm's Hatchery" etc. :) FUN! And NO idea why I like them. :)

Was actually thinking about scrapping a bit today, but ... errr.. games got in the way. However, saw Anam's journal entry for today's "Scrap-A-Month" challenge and while we're having a different basis I think I am using that challenge for another LO for my IVF album (which I haven't touched in ages *cough* ). Planning on doing that tomorrow after clearing my scrap desk and doing some paperwork for the Junior Wolves.

But now ... think I am going to play "Insaniquarium Deluxe" for a bit .. had the normal version as trial and it was fairly addictive! :)

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