Saturday, 16 June 2007

We're done!

Another blood test this morning... and we're now done. Definitely below 5, and we're going to have a follow up appointment in July to see what we do for the next time, and when we are going to do the next cycle.

My brain wasn't working too well for times today either ... I was convinced my acupuncture appointment was at 11:30am, but when I checked the calendar at 11:10 it showed I should have been there at 11!!! So gave Julia a quick call, she said that she's free for another couple of hours and so I went down for 12:30pm. Was good to get the needles put in again (never would have thought I'd say that... ever!!!), and Julia certainly found a congestion in my "kidney channel" ... probably all the toxins from the m/c. :o

At least I don't have any more blood tests until we're on the next cycle ... phew! Was a bit much going back and forth to ERI.

After dinner we went to see "Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer" with Ali & Debs ... was good, not as kiddy orientated than the first one.

Off to bed now ... have to get up early tomorrow to finish packing my crop bag .... and maybe printing some photos would be quite helpful as well!!! :O

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