Tuesday, 28 August 2007

A day at the beach ...

Now, we thought it would be nice to have a trip down to Whitley Bay with my Mutsch and Gabi, just because both love beaches and haven't been to (North) England yet.

As we left it a little late to leave we decided to go to Bamburgh instead, along the Northumberland Costal Route.

Had a FABULOUS time at the beach, those dunes at Bamburgh beach are fantastic! :) Didn't play hide-and-seek though. Mutsch and I took of our shoes and went into the water for a bit. Was cool, but not too bad, and I just LOVE the feeling of my feet on sand and in water. There were a couple of people actually SWIMMING... not sure if I would have done it if I had my swimming cozy with me.

After the beach time we went to Seahouses for lunch, a nice fish and chips at the Neptune. The town is naff, totally touristy kitsch, but ok for food. :)

We left Seahouses at 3pm and took the scenic route back - including the East Lothian Coastal Route. Never been through those places (Dunbar, Gullane, Aberlady, North Berwick) and loved it. Nice little-ish towns on the sea. Just the place I probably would love to live.

Next year I would love to go to North Berwick and have a quick (?) dip in the outdoor pool. Looked interesting/intriguing. Never have been in that kind of a "sea pool" before.

And if someone could tell me what that white rock is called ... it's off the coast in East Lothian ... I think even before Dunbar.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Not my day!!!

Woke up with humming noise in left ear and a little deaf ... worse than yesterday evening, and to top it up I started to get some earache.

So not 100% with it, but still getting things ready for our last away game at Lancashire Wolverines. Packed my bag, got some drink and food sorted as well and while still tired managed to get ready in time to leave for the bus.

On the bus trying to sort out paperwork for players, trying to read and having the constant humming in my ear ... FAB (@#@#@). Not really into doing any singing today but rather do that than dressing up as "Baby's Day out". Not too happy when Debs confirms she found something to dress up with after she said she'd not do it.

Arrived at Lancashire, quite nice place, nice clubhouse ... tape ankle and carry stuff to the field ... just to realise that I forgot to take that bloody camera battery out of the charger and put it into the camera!!!!! Running around at Wolverines' sideline to find someone with a Canon 350D (yep, but not replacement battery available) or another DSLR with spare battery (found one with several ... but also found that NIKON does not fit!! :( ). So trying to get photos with Chuck's camera (small point-and-shoot Digi cam ... 4bit thingy I think) which gives me HUGE gridiron (i.e. the pitch) with small players! Or mobile phone which has better Zoom than Chuck's but photos are MINI!!! :(

Game went GREAT until halftime ... we were 20:7 up ... just to LOSE 32:28 !!! Wolverines just turned up at halftime and our team didn't come back after going to the changing rooms I think.

Doug not happy, fears that Don won't be back next year as HC because of this ... me not happy because of bloody camera (had to be the one game we don't have travelling fans with us!), humming/painful ear and angry hubby!

Food was not specially nice, I just went for chips and couldn't find ketchup or mayo when I searched for it.

Team dressed up as babies (not allowed to put photos here though ... what happens on away trips stays on away trips!! ;) ), quite funny. Not dressing up as anything, management has to stay a bit up specially as we have to make sure that everyone gets home ok and there is some kind of authority thing as well....

Singing went ok, although hubby didn't remember we were supposed to switch verses between us (Mr Blue Sky) ... back on my seat, can't sleep, can't do anything, music is off (battery empty - didn't charge properly!!! @@#@!"$£!") and reading is not the best either. Later getting called up to sing but decided to ignore the calls as players are not sober anymore and won't make a fuss about me not singing by myself.

In Edinburgh being the only ones (with Allan) to get kit back to JKC outside store at 12:30am. Not home until 1:30am (well, 1 hour earlier than trip to Merseyside at least!!).

NO GOOD PHOTOS from this trip!!! :( Think I have to contact the Wolverines to ask whether I can have copies on DVD.

GLAD SEASON IS OVER ... it's been far too long with the 7 week break in between!!!

Roll on BritBowl!! ;)

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Our annual BBQ

Well... that's what it becomes here in Scotland: One shot at a BBQ. And if it's blimming windy, then so be it!! :)

Doug and I went to get the van and then the kit from JKC while my Mutsch and her friend Gabi went into the city to do some sightseeing. On the way back from JKC we did our usual tour around Aldi and Lidl and got some nice BBQ stuff (Aldi had chicken and prawn skewers in the freezer ... a summer special) ... and as usual we didn't arrive home until 3:30pm which caused a little (???) irritation with the man of the house.

While he was trying to get the BBQ going (and moving it about 4 times until he placed it where I was about to tell him to put it after the 2nd move) I was working on my 4 salads, just to have a little variety. We had a tomato & onion salad, my special pasta salad, a green salad with artichoke hearts and halloumi cheese and a cucumber salad. Went out to get some garlic bread and was about to put that in the oven when our visitors arrived back from the city and had a quick lie down (well... getting towards pensioners age... LOL).

Doug got the BBQ going and had Allan and Alan helping him out and I got the plates, cups and cutlery ready.

BBQ was going nicely and we had already some stuff back in the kitchen to keep warm when the "outlaws" arrived - including dessert. ;)

All in all we had a fab evening, lots of good food and lots of fun. Watched the Edinburgh Tattoo on Sky+ before everyone went home or into their beds respectively.

While watching the TV I suddenly had a funny humming in my left ear, as if I had been standing too close to a very loud noise ... sounded like the base sound of a bagpipe.

Hope that is going away for tomorrow. :( Don't want to be half deaf... :(

Friday, 17 August 2007

Got Sky + !!

Finally!! Only took them 3 attempts and a couple of angry calls from us... :o

The installation team arrived this morning at 9:15am and the whole thing was installed at 9:55am. Very quick! Had a bit of a worry when I searched our viewing card (one of the guys told me that we need to phone Sky and put in the viewing card) ... and couldn't find it!! We always had it in our old box so was totally annoyed when I couldn't find it!!

After phoning Sky and them talking me through it ... it appeared that the card was already in the new box! The empty slot I could see from the outside was for the entertainment card (whatever that is!). To my defense ... the opening thingy was at a different space than to the box shown in the instructions.

Feeling totally stupid now!!! :o

Have also been searching for the club's cheque book and still cannot find it... :( CRAPPY!!! Ah well, off to pay the dentist and then go ahead with clearing the scrap table.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Isn't that just typical? I remembered two books I read as a child (because of Maren's Journalling Challenge - I hope I can do both this month!). Can I remember the title? NO. Can I remember the author or publisher? No, of course not!!!! :(

One of the books is a detective story/novel taking place on one of the Greek Islands. I've asked my Mutsch to check my old books but I have the funny feeling that I have probably given the book away when we moved house when I was 12 years old. Googling "Greek Islands" and "fiction" brings up 113+ PAGES of results (half of which are probably non fiction anyway!).

The other book is set in Germany - 2 kids (orphans) are travelling through the country to find their aunt in/near Berlin. I am sure it was after a nuclear war or something like that. We read the book in Secondary school, probably when I was about 12-13 years old.

.... TADA!!! Found the book!!! It's called "Die letzten Kinder von Schewenborn" ("The last children of Schewenborn"). Quite scary when I read it at that time, sobering and all that. But still a good book! Wonder if I should try to read it in English as well.... Actually, I am wondering if I remember the book "Die Wolke" from Gudrun Pausewang (same author) more than the other ... and just found out that this book was made into a movie in 2006!

Another book I read as a child and liked it very much was "Treffpunkt Weltzeituhr". A book about a 14-year-old girl in East Germany, getting trained in Swimming and has hopes to get to the Olympics - then she finds out her mother is from "the west". Another book we read in school.

Now ... Maren, I'll try to get a layout done for you!!! :)

My own roots...

And yet again a TV program prompting me to write a Blog entry! This time it's "The Hairy Bikers' Cookbook" (yes, I know ... I LOVE watching cooking programs!! ;) ). They've been in Rumania for 2 weeks now and today they have been cooking "blinis". Small pancakes with buckwheat and breadflour.

My connection to Blinis are one part of my family - my Mutsch's side is from East Germany (living in Grossraeschen and Senftenberg, both north of Dresden and very close to the Polish border). When I was a child I've been over visiting both sides of my family (East Germany and Austria) quite a lot. I have relatives in both areas, but there are no living relatives from my granddad's side (my dad's dad) - the only one actually from West Germany. I cannot remember meeting any relative from his side really and I have to admit I haven't a clue whether there are any aunts/uncles/nephews/nieces at all. Think that's something I have to discuss with my dad again.

So - we have the East Germany part - very nice area, around a lake (used to be a quarry/coal mine which they have flooded years ago). Was weird and actually scary to visit relatives over there, going through "no man's land" at the borders where the soldiers were heavily armed and you just knew that there were tons of land mines in the "no-go-zone". I remember the first time I travelled over with Doug and my Mutsch ... we couldn't even tell Doug where the border area had been!!! They'd demolished everything, specially the big watch towers.

Austria on the other hand - a "free" country like West Germany (that's memories from when I was in my teens - East Germany was ... well, East Germany back then!). My family ties are through my grandma (my dad's mum) and relatives still live in Ampflwang and surroundings. Again, close to lakes and nice towns. Loved it there.

Wonder whether I should travel there again more often... since going to the US for the first time it just doesn't hold up, does it? But I am missing it. There is so much to explore, so much to show Doug ... maybe in our current situation with IVF etc. we should concentrate on going to Europe for holidays? Maybe hiring a caravan (or maybe even get the Hymer from my grandparents (mum's side) if they're not in Morocco at that time?) or go camping?

So ... going through the grandparents I am 1/4 Austrian and 3/4 German .... as far as I know. ;)

Monday, 13 August 2007

Sky bloody Plus!!

We decided to get Sky+ 2 weeks ago - really looking forward to it and all that. Had an installation guy turning up last Monday just to tell us that we'd need the special heights team etc. and that he couldn't do it.

REALLY???? Never would have guessed that! It's not as if we didn't TELL the installation team that we are living in a town house of 3 stories!!!!

Well, so we were given another installation date ... today. Got a phone call stating that the installation team would arrive between 2 and 5 which gave me enough time to get some of the cleaning done.

Made inroads on cleaning the bedroom and had the living room in an ok-ish state (yet another Wolves wash there ... LOL). Was quite surprised how much I actually got done ... no "me time" though, and I still haven't done any scrapping. :(

When the guys didn't arrive by 5pm I called Sky only to be told that the installations were delayed due to the intermittent rain, but that the installation team would show up within the hour.

So I decided to prepare the food for tomorrow (Carrot and Red lentils soup). DH arrived at 6:30pm and chased Sky again after I told him the whole story. We were told another hour ... :o

Well... after a couple more phone calls the installation team arrived at 9pm (!!!), light outside was fading fast, and each of them went up the ladder just to tell us a story about a special heights team (err... we thought that would be YOU GUYS!!!) and that it is maybe not possible to get Sky+ installed due to no access to our roof apart from the back garden, the slopey roof and the height of the dish on the pole.

DH wasn't too chuffed, phoned Sky to vent after the guys have left. Was told that 2 people are the special heights team and that they were probably careful because of the fading light etc.

Soooo ... next chapter of the story? YET ANOTHER VISIT!!! On Friday, from someone to give us a second opinion. Now ... I wonder, does that mean that if he finds we can get Sky+ we get it installed the same day or do I have to "take time off work" (they don't have to know that the past days are my days off anyway!!) for yet another installation team??????

Saturday, 11 August 2007


Quite funny, since we booked the cruise I am reminiscing about my holidays as a child, the differences since growing up and all that. :) And I think watching Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes just tickled the memories even more out.

Since I can remember my family went camping... in tents. Austria, Spain, Hungary (at the Balaton) and the most vivid memories I have of camping in Funtana, south of Porec,then Yugoslavia (now Croatia). We must have been there a couple of years at the same camping ground. It was a FAB time (even my incident with jellyfish!), very good food and camping was just FUN!!! Amazing how you change when you get older.

I believe it was when I was 12 when I started to stay in hotels ... with my sister and her boyfriend that time in Cala Ratjada, Mallorca. And I don't think I went back to camping abroad since then.

Since I met Doug holidays were always in the US/Canada and the obligatory week in Germany. But now I am feeling like going back to camping or at least caravaning really ...

Have to write down my memories and then do some LOs for it ... even though I'll have to dig up some photos... The joys of a divorce child - my dad says the photos are at my mum's, and my mum says they're at my sis or my dad's. There's no rift anymore, my parents speak with each other for quite a while, but there still seems to be a confusion as to where all those photos and slides are ... :o Guess what I am doing during our week in Germany in April 2008!!! :o

Friday, 10 August 2007

Not feeling well...

woke up with a throbbing headache (again) and it didn't go away during the day.

Managed to go to acupuncture, went to the gyle afterwards and since I am back home I am not feeling great, as somehow my tummy decided to play up as well. Can't think of anything causing this! :(

So ... not done much today apart from dinner & acupuncture. :o Hope I am feeling better tomorrow. :o

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Reporting back

Day 1 of three nearly over with. Didn't get all of it done, but had to do other stuff as well... never works out as planned, does it??


  • White Wash I
  • White Wash II
  • White Wash III
  • White Wash IV (lots of towels, had to split Wash III)
  • Register new Junior Players (paper & e-mail)
  • Pack Senior Jerseys & Pants
  • Cook dinner
  • Make food list for rest of month
  • Make shopping list
  • Plastic bottles to recycling bank
  • plant Coriander in herbs plant pot
  • Food shopping
So my TO DO list for tomorrow is:
  • Order photos @ Photobox
  • 3 hours ironing
  • clean bunk bed bedroom
  • scrap area
  • crop money
  • Shopping list for Mutsch
  • Trips for Mutsch & Gabi
  • E-mail Sports Rehab (exam date)
  • Dark Wash
  • Acupuncture
  • Library
There will be more on there, I am sure... And I am probably able to get some of the stuff done tonight (e-mails).

QVC CRAFT DAY and Ally Pally (Autumn)

Yep, it's on my days off for a change, and I quite like a couple of things ... LOVE the DCWV Far East Album ... may have a look for that at Ally Pally in September.

So that's what's going to be on the "alternative" channel today. Not too tempted to buy anything from QVC as I have to save my pennies for Ally Pally, but think I may have to extend my shopping list.

So far my list comprises:
  • Banana Frog Stamps "Postage"
  • Banana Frog Stamps "Calendar"
  • Blonde Moments (extra thick?) embossing powder/s
  • Blonde Moments Pearl Pigment/s
  • DCWV "Old World" paper stack (12x12)
Have to stick to the list this time though ... don't want to spend TONS of money again like last year! Not with a nice cruise coming up the week after (and I still have to figure out what trip packages we want to do!).

PS: Yes I can do blogging while scanning the Junior forms... ;) It's called "MULTITASKING" ... ;)

Big list of tasks

Got a lot to do today (and actually until Saturday) ... let's see what I got on my list:
  • White Wash I
  • White Wash II
  • White Wash III
  • Register new Junior Players (paper & e-mail)
  • Clear Scrap Area
  • Crop money update
  • Pack Senior Jerseys & Pants
  • E-mail Sports Rehab & Education (date for next exam)
  • Shopping list for Mutsch (to bring from Germany)
  • Trips for Mutsch & Gabi while here (??)
  • Cook dinner
That's only the "have to do's" for today ... Not sure if I get a chance to do some "want to do's" in as well....

So far I managed:

  • White Wash I (washed & hung up)
  • 1/2 White Wash II (in the washing machine just now)
  • 1/2 Junior Wolves applications (signed/dated/verified, currently scanning and then have to send the e-mail and letter)
  • Put on a nice White Granary bread in bread maker
Will see how much I have to carry over to tomorrow's TO DO list (hopefully will be able to present a couple more "TADAAAAs" though before tonight! ;) )

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

I love my Moonie!! (sorry, TMI!!!)

Slight delicate topic I'd say, but hey, who cares :) ! I have been reading up about the Mooncup for a while, have been checking Fertility Friends and UKS for comments/reviews and decided to buy one for me after our m/c.

Trial run was beginning July and it all went fine, even though it takes some time to get used to it and I am still learning how to insert it properly.

Now, my period came a couple of days early this month, and sod's law just arranged it to appear on the trip to Merseyside (Birkenhead)!!! Did have only 1 tampon with me - which I left on the bus. So had to ask the only other female on the road trip - and she had fortunately some tampons with her, but considering she's very willowy it was only the smallest size.... :o Now THAT works for an endo sufferer ... NOT!!!

Funny thing was that I felt totally uncomfortable .. even with the mini size. Crampier than in July, and just expecting leaks all the time. But hey, I survived ... and was totally happy to be able to use my "moonie" again on the Monday!!! :)

I can only recommend the mooncup to any woman. Specially to endo sufferers. I wasn't told that endo sufferers shouldn't use tampons (free flow and all that!) but as I still don't know where the endo is coming from I decided to stop using tampons (after about 20 years!!!) ... The bleach and other chemicals CANNOT be good for you!! And I just don't feel comfy with just panty liners.

Friday, 3 August 2007

I finished it this morning at 10am...

Book 7 of HP ("Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"). LOVED the book ... :) Quite nice to have so many answers to questions coming up as well...

As I am not sure who of the people reading my blog still have to finish the book I will not get into more details though.

Went to Costco today with Heather & Faith, and apart from the longer bus trip (Romanes & Paterson's had a fire and all buses who usually run along Princes Street went along Queen Street .. poor Scott .. ;) I'm sure they will find another shop for him to earn some money though... :D ) it was nice ... bought some Body Creams (cheaper than at The Body Shop), 2 bigger bottles of Sweet Chilli Sauce and 5x2 1/2 Ciabattas. Nothing noteworthy on the scrapping/crafting front though ... and they don't seem to have my American bread mixes at the moment ... :(

Got a nagging headache on the back of my head (tension of upper fibers of Trapezius I'd guess) and probably going to bed early-ish.

And to finish this post with another HP thing ... cannae wait to see the last 2 books in film!!! And in 2009 ... off to Universal Studios??? :D