Tuesday, 7 August 2007

I love my Moonie!! (sorry, TMI!!!)

Slight delicate topic I'd say, but hey, who cares :) ! I have been reading up about the Mooncup for a while, have been checking Fertility Friends and UKS for comments/reviews and decided to buy one for me after our m/c.

Trial run was beginning July and it all went fine, even though it takes some time to get used to it and I am still learning how to insert it properly.

Now, my period came a couple of days early this month, and sod's law just arranged it to appear on the trip to Merseyside (Birkenhead)!!! Did have only 1 tampon with me - which I left on the bus. So had to ask the only other female on the road trip - and she had fortunately some tampons with her, but considering she's very willowy it was only the smallest size.... :o Now THAT works for an endo sufferer ... NOT!!!

Funny thing was that I felt totally uncomfortable .. even with the mini size. Crampier than in July, and just expecting leaks all the time. But hey, I survived ... and was totally happy to be able to use my "moonie" again on the Monday!!! :)

I can only recommend the mooncup to any woman. Specially to endo sufferers. I wasn't told that endo sufferers shouldn't use tampons (free flow and all that!) but as I still don't know where the endo is coming from I decided to stop using tampons (after about 20 years!!!) ... The bleach and other chemicals CANNOT be good for you!! And I just don't feel comfy with just panty liners.

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