Monday, 13 August 2007

Sky bloody Plus!!

We decided to get Sky+ 2 weeks ago - really looking forward to it and all that. Had an installation guy turning up last Monday just to tell us that we'd need the special heights team etc. and that he couldn't do it.

REALLY???? Never would have guessed that! It's not as if we didn't TELL the installation team that we are living in a town house of 3 stories!!!!

Well, so we were given another installation date ... today. Got a phone call stating that the installation team would arrive between 2 and 5 which gave me enough time to get some of the cleaning done.

Made inroads on cleaning the bedroom and had the living room in an ok-ish state (yet another Wolves wash there ... LOL). Was quite surprised how much I actually got done ... no "me time" though, and I still haven't done any scrapping. :(

When the guys didn't arrive by 5pm I called Sky only to be told that the installations were delayed due to the intermittent rain, but that the installation team would show up within the hour.

So I decided to prepare the food for tomorrow (Carrot and Red lentils soup). DH arrived at 6:30pm and chased Sky again after I told him the whole story. We were told another hour ... :o

Well... after a couple more phone calls the installation team arrived at 9pm (!!!), light outside was fading fast, and each of them went up the ladder just to tell us a story about a special heights team (err... we thought that would be YOU GUYS!!!) and that it is maybe not possible to get Sky+ installed due to no access to our roof apart from the back garden, the slopey roof and the height of the dish on the pole.

DH wasn't too chuffed, phoned Sky to vent after the guys have left. Was told that 2 people are the special heights team and that they were probably careful because of the fading light etc.

Soooo ... next chapter of the story? YET ANOTHER VISIT!!! On Friday, from someone to give us a second opinion. Now ... I wonder, does that mean that if he finds we can get Sky+ we get it installed the same day or do I have to "take time off work" (they don't have to know that the past days are my days off anyway!!) for yet another installation team??????


Heather said...

How frustrating! I hate it when companies mess you about, expect you to stay in all day then sometimes don't even turn up!

(Radio Rentals did that to us once when we were moving across the country.

They didn't show up on the day they were meant to (three days before we were moving) and couldn't re-arrange a pick-up date sooner than 2 weeks so we had to lug our tv and VCR to friends in town, for Radio Rentals to pick the kit up from them.)

sharonfruit said...

I spoke to my Mum last night. Basically, she said all they have to do is change the LNB on the front of your existing dish.

I have no idea what the problem is really. Mum thinks the Health & Safety rules have tightened up a lot with regards to what they can and can't do now :o/

S xx