Sunday, 26 August 2007

Our annual BBQ

Well... that's what it becomes here in Scotland: One shot at a BBQ. And if it's blimming windy, then so be it!! :)

Doug and I went to get the van and then the kit from JKC while my Mutsch and her friend Gabi went into the city to do some sightseeing. On the way back from JKC we did our usual tour around Aldi and Lidl and got some nice BBQ stuff (Aldi had chicken and prawn skewers in the freezer ... a summer special) ... and as usual we didn't arrive home until 3:30pm which caused a little (???) irritation with the man of the house.

While he was trying to get the BBQ going (and moving it about 4 times until he placed it where I was about to tell him to put it after the 2nd move) I was working on my 4 salads, just to have a little variety. We had a tomato & onion salad, my special pasta salad, a green salad with artichoke hearts and halloumi cheese and a cucumber salad. Went out to get some garlic bread and was about to put that in the oven when our visitors arrived back from the city and had a quick lie down (well... getting towards pensioners age... LOL).

Doug got the BBQ going and had Allan and Alan helping him out and I got the plates, cups and cutlery ready.

BBQ was going nicely and we had already some stuff back in the kitchen to keep warm when the "outlaws" arrived - including dessert. ;)

All in all we had a fab evening, lots of good food and lots of fun. Watched the Edinburgh Tattoo on Sky+ before everyone went home or into their beds respectively.

While watching the TV I suddenly had a funny humming in my left ear, as if I had been standing too close to a very loud noise ... sounded like the base sound of a bagpipe.

Hope that is going away for tomorrow. :( Don't want to be half deaf... :(

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