Friday, 3 August 2007

I finished it this morning at 10am...

Book 7 of HP ("Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"). LOVED the book ... :) Quite nice to have so many answers to questions coming up as well...

As I am not sure who of the people reading my blog still have to finish the book I will not get into more details though.

Went to Costco today with Heather & Faith, and apart from the longer bus trip (Romanes & Paterson's had a fire and all buses who usually run along Princes Street went along Queen Street .. poor Scott .. ;) I'm sure they will find another shop for him to earn some money though... :D ) it was nice ... bought some Body Creams (cheaper than at The Body Shop), 2 bigger bottles of Sweet Chilli Sauce and 5x2 1/2 Ciabattas. Nothing noteworthy on the scrapping/crafting front though ... and they don't seem to have my American bread mixes at the moment ... :(

Got a nagging headache on the back of my head (tension of upper fibers of Trapezius I'd guess) and probably going to bed early-ish.

And to finish this post with another HP thing ... cannae wait to see the last 2 books in film!!! And in 2009 ... off to Universal Studios??? :D

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Lisa said...

I loved it as well althouigh not sure I liked the last chapter - wont go into details though !!!!!!!