Monday, 27 August 2007

Not my day!!!

Woke up with humming noise in left ear and a little deaf ... worse than yesterday evening, and to top it up I started to get some earache.

So not 100% with it, but still getting things ready for our last away game at Lancashire Wolverines. Packed my bag, got some drink and food sorted as well and while still tired managed to get ready in time to leave for the bus.

On the bus trying to sort out paperwork for players, trying to read and having the constant humming in my ear ... FAB (@#@#@). Not really into doing any singing today but rather do that than dressing up as "Baby's Day out". Not too happy when Debs confirms she found something to dress up with after she said she'd not do it.

Arrived at Lancashire, quite nice place, nice clubhouse ... tape ankle and carry stuff to the field ... just to realise that I forgot to take that bloody camera battery out of the charger and put it into the camera!!!!! Running around at Wolverines' sideline to find someone with a Canon 350D (yep, but not replacement battery available) or another DSLR with spare battery (found one with several ... but also found that NIKON does not fit!! :( ). So trying to get photos with Chuck's camera (small point-and-shoot Digi cam ... 4bit thingy I think) which gives me HUGE gridiron (i.e. the pitch) with small players! Or mobile phone which has better Zoom than Chuck's but photos are MINI!!! :(

Game went GREAT until halftime ... we were 20:7 up ... just to LOSE 32:28 !!! Wolverines just turned up at halftime and our team didn't come back after going to the changing rooms I think.

Doug not happy, fears that Don won't be back next year as HC because of this ... me not happy because of bloody camera (had to be the one game we don't have travelling fans with us!), humming/painful ear and angry hubby!

Food was not specially nice, I just went for chips and couldn't find ketchup or mayo when I searched for it.

Team dressed up as babies (not allowed to put photos here though ... what happens on away trips stays on away trips!! ;) ), quite funny. Not dressing up as anything, management has to stay a bit up specially as we have to make sure that everyone gets home ok and there is some kind of authority thing as well....

Singing went ok, although hubby didn't remember we were supposed to switch verses between us (Mr Blue Sky) ... back on my seat, can't sleep, can't do anything, music is off (battery empty - didn't charge properly!!! @@#@!"$£!") and reading is not the best either. Later getting called up to sing but decided to ignore the calls as players are not sober anymore and won't make a fuss about me not singing by myself.

In Edinburgh being the only ones (with Allan) to get kit back to JKC outside store at 12:30am. Not home until 1:30am (well, 1 hour earlier than trip to Merseyside at least!!).

NO GOOD PHOTOS from this trip!!! :( Think I have to contact the Wolverines to ask whether I can have copies on DVD.

GLAD SEASON IS OVER ... it's been far too long with the 7 week break in between!!!

Roll on BritBowl!! ;)

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