Thursday, 9 August 2007

Big list of tasks

Got a lot to do today (and actually until Saturday) ... let's see what I got on my list:
  • White Wash I
  • White Wash II
  • White Wash III
  • Register new Junior Players (paper & e-mail)
  • Clear Scrap Area
  • Crop money update
  • Pack Senior Jerseys & Pants
  • E-mail Sports Rehab & Education (date for next exam)
  • Shopping list for Mutsch (to bring from Germany)
  • Trips for Mutsch & Gabi while here (??)
  • Cook dinner
That's only the "have to do's" for today ... Not sure if I get a chance to do some "want to do's" in as well....

So far I managed:

  • White Wash I (washed & hung up)
  • 1/2 White Wash II (in the washing machine just now)
  • 1/2 Junior Wolves applications (signed/dated/verified, currently scanning and then have to send the e-mail and letter)
  • Put on a nice White Granary bread in bread maker
Will see how much I have to carry over to tomorrow's TO DO list (hopefully will be able to present a couple more "TADAAAAs" though before tonight! ;) )

1 comment:

Heather said...

Good luck with your tasks.

I have to work today so there won't be as impressive a "taks done" list as a couple of weeks ago. I did get two loads of laundry washed AND HUNG OUTSIDE yesterday, and sent a card in the post to a friend (though who knows it'll take to arrive) and sorted a banking query so felt pretty productive. :)