Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Easing back into blogging - cheeky 10 on the 10th

Yup, a bit of a sporadic blogging again... but who cares.

10 on the 10th for the first (?) time in 2016, so let's do something tongue-in-cheek. "I'm going down with this ship" (fandoms only)... LOL.

  1. Cherik (Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr)
  2. Stucky (Steve/Bucky)
  3. Gendrya (Gendry/Arya)
  4. Jamie x Brienne (GoT)
  5. Jamie x Claire (Outlander)
  6. Thilbo (Thorin/Bilbo)
  7. Rinch (Reese/Finch - POI)
  8. Root / Sameen Shaw (POI)
  9. Peggy / Sousa (Agent Carter)
  10. Fitzsimmons (AoS)
Plus the extra of "Frostiron". ;) 

And I'm more romantically in that, not going down the sewer with my shipping... :P