Friday, 27 February 2009

Not the best day...

Woke up with *yet another* migraine. I know, it's getting quite frequent and more often than in the past, but I wonder if it's the hormones I got for the cyst. Treatment is finished now so let's hope I am getting back to normal.

Being fairly emotional with the hormones as well, blowing my fuses quite often, getting moody and thinking about the whole situation with family etc. Not the best. Not sure what to do. Going for different step? Who knows.

Got follow up appointment on Monday with the clinic who will then hopefully give us info about what they plan for us ... now that the cyst is smaller (3cm - no where near the 8-12cms I had when I was hospitalised) what are the planning to do?

Have finally finished my Chinese Whispers layout for February and e-mailed it to Pauline. Only 1 week late (oops!). Managed to wrap the Birthday Swap as well (2 weeks behind?) and will post it off to Germany tomorrow. Now I just have to do the 2 CJ entries (lying here since beginning of December - but with my mum's OP, my cyst/treatment etc. I just didn't feel like doing the entries/scrapping at all) and then the March Chinese Whispers layout ... and then starting to scrap Wolves stuff again?

Have to organise the scrap space though - I think that's the main problem why my Mojo is so elusive. :(

Well... while I can't show you my Chinese Whispers layouts I can show you the birthday card I made last Saturday at the crop. The "ooh la la" is from the February Dimension Fourth Stamp Club kit and I've used one of my new (well.. got them in December) Bellas. The "Happy Birthday" stamp was borrowed from Lisa, but I am sure I have the same one somewhere in my scraproom, too. :o

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Dodgy tum

Just to add to the "insult" of headaches yesterday, today my tummy is playing up. So I'm NOT going in to work right now ... planning to go in for 1/2 day (so I can go to Weight Watchers).

I'm really not good with the 365 Photos right now ... missed quite a lot of photos, so wonder if I am going to use "stock photos". Mmmmh, will see.

Really should have taken a picture of our attempts to make Pancakes yesterday... ;) I am sure the frying pan was the problem, because not only DH had problems with it (and he usually has) but I wasn't able to make a pancake either ... they looked more like mush ... if I'd cooked it a bit more I could have made "Kaiserschmarrn" - which I really should consider next time if we have troubles again. :o

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Headaches still coming and going...

but at least I can now stop my meds for a bit... wahey! That should do the trick.

Should be working tomorrow and Thursday but am not sure how I'm feeling ... we'll see.

DH and I have been to the cinema today - saw "Bolt 3D" - funny movie, really good. :) That's 2 movies we've seen in February, so getting there. "Push" was on Saturday.

I was totally unorganised on Saturday at the crop ... didn't print photos - AGAIN - and only managed to get 1 card done and prepped my Chinese Whispers layout.

A lot of sh*** going on in our lifes right now, so my mojo has not stayed long and I rather was reading or sleeping/napping in the last couple of weeks.

Still have the 2 CJs to do - it's really not good I am still sitting on them (got them in December), but just wasn't in the mood to do anything crafty. But I am planning on doing the CJ entries and the Chinese Whispers one this week, otherwise I fall in disgrace with the German Scrappers and the croppers. :o

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Struck down with nasty migraines/tension headaches!!

Well... I woke up around 3am Wednesday morning with thumping headache so got up and took a paracetamol. But when my alarm went of at 6:30am I had a blinding headache - really the mother of all headaches!!!

And the pain has been going up and down all day yesterday - last night it was even worse than the morning. Really wonder where that's coming from, although I suspect it may be a bit more side effect from the meds I am currently taking.

So... was not at work yesterday and am not at work today but am likely to make up my time tomorrow (boss phoned and asked ... short staffed and all that).

Glad I am feeling better right now - at least my eyes are not feeling as if someone is pushing thumbs in them!

Oh, Dinner on Tuesday/Wednesday was an Easy Mousaka from the Weight Watchers cook book. DH totally loved it, and I liked it a lot too. We always have a problem what to cook when we have Aubergines in, so that's another option. :)

I am planning on doing some scrapping later today - and maybe go out a bit and get some fresh air. We've got a sunny day right now so that is a good idea for taking some photos for Shimelle's new Class, "Here, There and Everywhere". And I have to find the January Stamp Club Kit from Dimension Fourt - it's absolutely not me, but Lisa has asked if she can have a look at it. :)

Monday, 16 February 2009

Another quick update on mum

Well... we're back a step - my sis phoned me to let me know that the cartillage grafting didn't work out like the surgeons hoped. So mum is still with the tube/tracheotomy although I am not sure if it's still the metal one or if they are going to use the plastic one now as plan B? They managed to remove a skin flap though which was always blocking the tube and made breathing harder for her.

She's going home in 1-2 weeks and then has to go down to Munich for a follow up/maybe another OP in August.

Not sure if she would be thinking of flying to us in July then? Cabin pressure - does that affect people with tracheotomy?

Sooo... not all as good as it seems, but it's better than nothing really. Can only imagine how "down" my mum is right now. :(

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Please step forward...

I see through Feedjit that I have visitors from Steinbach, Bad Soden and Oberursel... step forward!! ;) I've lived in Steinbach before I moved to UK and don't have an idea who you are?? Please??

Sunday to myself and update on my mum

Wonder if I pulled something on my lower back last night - I had a little back pain the last couple of days but today it's really nasty. Together with a tight band headache it made me decide against going to training today.

Sitting with heat pack in our big chair (DH advised against lying down on the couch), have been up and about as well - dishwasher emptying/filling, washing up, washing machine, general tyding...

Have to start dinner in a bit (slow roasted pork - on for 4.5 hours ;) ) and then am thinking about going upstairs doing some scrapping - still have to do the Chinese Whispers round 2... and 2 CJ entries (REALLY behind with those but life has been not normal and very busy since January really).

Oh ... update on my mum - she went to Munich for an OP end of January - they were taking some cartillage from her ribs and did some grafting to widen her larynx. Sounds worse than it is really. This time they asked her to come down 3 days early (I actually phoned her at home when she was already down there!) to do some allergy testing because of the trouble she had in April with one of the anaesthetics (trouble ... HA! If you want to call swollen shut throat, forced coma x2 AND a tracheotomy "trouble"!!). Fortunately they found the problem component and will replace it (wonder if she has to wear a mediband as well?) - the specialists down in Munich are puzzled why the clinic up in Frankfurt didn't check on allergies after the 2nd OP (and first forced coma)???

Anyway, she was supposed to be back home by now as the OP went fab, she still had to use her tube in the larynx, but they were hoping to get another OP in about 6 weeks to stitch the hole shut and get her breathing/talking normally again.

Imagine my confusion when my big sis sent me an e-mail on Wednesday stating mum is going to have the exact OP this week!! I thought I lost the place ... but it seems the head surgeon wanted to do the OP himself and didn't have free appointments later this year. Soooo... my mum went into OP on Friday and is currently on ICU and in a forced coma again. I'm about to phone my sis to get an update. :) I've got FULL trust in the specialists in Munich - so does my mum, but she was quite scared of the thought of ICU when I phoned her on Wednesday (obviously). Let's say it that way ... if anything would have gone wrong, my sis would have been on the phone by now.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Grey Day

and I am feeling a bit "blah". :( Woke up with headaches (but not biggies, just niggly ones fortunately) and have a bit of back pain.

Headaches are better now, but I really don't feel 100%. Wonder what the meds are doing to me right now (although the scan last week showed that the cyst is still "manageable").

Currently watching "Eight Below" on Sky+ so I can delete it ... I think that was on TV beginning of January!! :o

Later I'll pick up DH from work and I'll quickly pop into Lakelands - got a couple of things I want to look at, like the "Count on it" Labels. Wanted to do some CJ entries today but am not really in the mood. Hopefully I'll feel different tomorrow, although I am not sure what we've planned to do on Valentine's day.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

UKS Down

Mmmh... wonder if we crashed it? Or maybe they do some tidying? So I'm off to bed now... :) Done one more layout and managed nearly the whole Scavenger hunt - just 4 questions to go.

Hopefully will be able to do some more layouts tomorrow. :)

Beddy boos now!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

It's Cybercrop Saturday

Sitting here in a cramped & messy study but having fun!!! :) Managed to do 2 layouts already today plus 3 Photo challenges. Wahey!! Scrapping my heart out (well... more or less).

Glad I manage to get something done after the last crops I wasn't doing much (well... I usually had lots of stuff going on during the Cybercrop weekends).

DH has given me tomorrow off training to do more ... still thinking about it.

Sooo... here it goes .... Mystery Kit:

The kit wasn't really "me" - the stickers were all about teens etc so not too keen on that. The papers were ok though. When I saw the big black "shield" die cut it was just shouting out "OBAMA RALLY" to me. :)

The layout I did was "Black & Blue" - using photos I've taken yesterday at Khublai Khan where we went for Dinner with Sharon & G.

And the last layout is one of the challenges called "Monk" (i.e. everything in 4s and symmetrical). No journalling - it's the title page for a couple more (planned) layouts of our "4 Parks - 1 Day" thing we did in November. :)

Photo challenges were: "Law & Order" (photo of your scrap area - well, more unlawful disorder here!! ;) ), Holmes & Watson (Photo of your "baffies" and cuppa) and then "Starsky & Hutch" (picture of you with your "Huggie Bear" ;) ).

Now I am just hoping DH is managing to reheat the soup for dinner. ;)