Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sunday to myself and update on my mum

Wonder if I pulled something on my lower back last night - I had a little back pain the last couple of days but today it's really nasty. Together with a tight band headache it made me decide against going to training today.

Sitting with heat pack in our big chair (DH advised against lying down on the couch), have been up and about as well - dishwasher emptying/filling, washing up, washing machine, general tyding...

Have to start dinner in a bit (slow roasted pork - on for 4.5 hours ;) ) and then am thinking about going upstairs doing some scrapping - still have to do the Chinese Whispers round 2... and 2 CJ entries (REALLY behind with those but life has been not normal and very busy since January really).

Oh ... update on my mum - she went to Munich for an OP end of January - they were taking some cartillage from her ribs and did some grafting to widen her larynx. Sounds worse than it is really. This time they asked her to come down 3 days early (I actually phoned her at home when she was already down there!) to do some allergy testing because of the trouble she had in April with one of the anaesthetics (trouble ... HA! If you want to call swollen shut throat, forced coma x2 AND a tracheotomy "trouble"!!). Fortunately they found the problem component and will replace it (wonder if she has to wear a mediband as well?) - the specialists down in Munich are puzzled why the clinic up in Frankfurt didn't check on allergies after the 2nd OP (and first forced coma)???

Anyway, she was supposed to be back home by now as the OP went fab, she still had to use her tube in the larynx, but they were hoping to get another OP in about 6 weeks to stitch the hole shut and get her breathing/talking normally again.

Imagine my confusion when my big sis sent me an e-mail on Wednesday stating mum is going to have the exact OP this week!! I thought I lost the place ... but it seems the head surgeon wanted to do the OP himself and didn't have free appointments later this year. Soooo... my mum went into OP on Friday and is currently on ICU and in a forced coma again. I'm about to phone my sis to get an update. :) I've got FULL trust in the specialists in Munich - so does my mum, but she was quite scared of the thought of ICU when I phoned her on Wednesday (obviously). Let's say it that way ... if anything would have gone wrong, my sis would have been on the phone by now.

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