Friday, 27 February 2009

Not the best day...

Woke up with *yet another* migraine. I know, it's getting quite frequent and more often than in the past, but I wonder if it's the hormones I got for the cyst. Treatment is finished now so let's hope I am getting back to normal.

Being fairly emotional with the hormones as well, blowing my fuses quite often, getting moody and thinking about the whole situation with family etc. Not the best. Not sure what to do. Going for different step? Who knows.

Got follow up appointment on Monday with the clinic who will then hopefully give us info about what they plan for us ... now that the cyst is smaller (3cm - no where near the 8-12cms I had when I was hospitalised) what are the planning to do?

Have finally finished my Chinese Whispers layout for February and e-mailed it to Pauline. Only 1 week late (oops!). Managed to wrap the Birthday Swap as well (2 weeks behind?) and will post it off to Germany tomorrow. Now I just have to do the 2 CJ entries (lying here since beginning of December - but with my mum's OP, my cyst/treatment etc. I just didn't feel like doing the entries/scrapping at all) and then the March Chinese Whispers layout ... and then starting to scrap Wolves stuff again?

Have to organise the scrap space though - I think that's the main problem why my Mojo is so elusive. :(

Well... while I can't show you my Chinese Whispers layouts I can show you the birthday card I made last Saturday at the crop. The "ooh la la" is from the February Dimension Fourth Stamp Club kit and I've used one of my new (well.. got them in December) Bellas. The "Happy Birthday" stamp was borrowed from Lisa, but I am sure I have the same one somewhere in my scraproom, too. :o

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Pam said...

Sorry to hear you are still getting the headaches Kat-and also that your mum is unwell.
If you want a diversion have a look at my blog for a little challenege.