Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Headaches still coming and going...

but at least I can now stop my meds for a bit... wahey! That should do the trick.

Should be working tomorrow and Thursday but am not sure how I'm feeling ... we'll see.

DH and I have been to the cinema today - saw "Bolt 3D" - funny movie, really good. :) That's 2 movies we've seen in February, so getting there. "Push" was on Saturday.

I was totally unorganised on Saturday at the crop ... didn't print photos - AGAIN - and only managed to get 1 card done and prepped my Chinese Whispers layout.

A lot of sh*** going on in our lifes right now, so my mojo has not stayed long and I rather was reading or sleeping/napping in the last couple of weeks.

Still have the 2 CJs to do - it's really not good I am still sitting on them (got them in December), but just wasn't in the mood to do anything crafty. But I am planning on doing the CJ entries and the Chinese Whispers one this week, otherwise I fall in disgrace with the German Scrappers and the croppers. :o

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