Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Dodgy tum

Just to add to the "insult" of headaches yesterday, today my tummy is playing up. So I'm NOT going in to work right now ... planning to go in for 1/2 day (so I can go to Weight Watchers).

I'm really not good with the 365 Photos right now ... missed quite a lot of photos, so wonder if I am going to use "stock photos". Mmmmh, will see.

Really should have taken a picture of our attempts to make Pancakes yesterday... ;) I am sure the frying pan was the problem, because not only DH had problems with it (and he usually has) but I wasn't able to make a pancake either ... they looked more like mush ... if I'd cooked it a bit more I could have made "Kaiserschmarrn" - which I really should consider next time if we have troubles again. :o

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