Saturday, 29 July 2017

Hogwarts craftiness for Twin Birthday Party 2017

Scenario - you promised your kids Hogwarts robes for their birthday party (which is of course a Harry Potter Party).

However, you've left things quite late and then had to go to Germany for holidays. So, after you managed to finish all the pencil wands, mini cauldrons and most of the golden snitches, you decide to start on the robes... on the twins' birthday (the day before the party) at 5:30pm...

But all should be ok... because the pattern you found says it will only take 1 hour to make ...

Ok... I suspect somehow that's withouth ironing and cutting... or most likely that the lining fabric has the same width of the outer fabric so would be easier to cut? But of course my lining is a bit more than half the width of the outer fabric which resulted in me having to measure and then double them up and sew at the top.

It IS actually a very good pattern/instruction. I managed to get everything done like they said (mostly, but that's my measuring issue), however, I didn't see anything that mentioned a "cut the neckline"... which I had to "wing it" but it worked fine.

Fast forward to 2am Friday morning, I had finished 2 oversized robes (I wanted the girls to have lots of give to be able to still wear the robes when we go to Florida for their first ever visit at Universal (currently planned around 2020 so all the other things at Disney would be finished... Star Wars Land etc).

I then decided to do more of the wings for the snitches until 2:45am (which I finished all bar 2 on the day of the party with 1 hour spare - due to my stencil for the cake having issues with my silhouette cameo!).

Ok... Party day arrived and the girls put on their robes, which then resulted in me having to measure how much I had to take the length and arm length in (thanks soo much for Hemming Web! Didn't really want visible stitches 5" from the hem line!)  - which was again done in time for the party (but again ... very last minute, and hubby wasn't happy about that).

Sooo... here we go... oversized robes first... one Hufflepuff, one Gryffindor...


Definitely between 5" and 6" give... so we should be ok I assume?!?!? ;)

Well... let's see the final result... and going nicely with the tie-dye house crest T-shirts I got from my swap partner in the "I want to live in the Burrows" Swap on Craftster.

One Happy Gryffie (self declared) 
One Happy Huffie (self declared)
 Ok... and here's my work on the cake... baked all by hubby, I only did the icing with a stencil and gel pens... not that easy, as half the gel was sticking to the cardboard stencil! :o So again... lots of "whinging it" (I think I'm getting rather good at that!!).

Hogwarts Cake 2017: Gryffindor,
Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin.
4 different flavours, 4 different colours.  
Hogwarts Cake 2017 -
Stencil work with Gel Pens. 

Now I'm trying to recover ... and hubby and I both swore "NEVER AGAIN"... but then... that happened after last year's Star Wars Birthday Party...

Oh... and I have NEVER sewn anything that involved a lining. And the biggest clothing I've done was Miss Martian's "Leia" costume for Edinburgh ComicCon earlier this year (which... yeah, I know... I left to last minute as well... :o ).

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