Saturday, 24 April 2010

Bit of Cyber cropping for me

Not prepared for the UKS CC (Monopoly) at all, and with baking cheesecake brownies today and watch Dr Who & Dr Who Confidential plus dealing with Away Trip paperwork I didn’t get much done … actually … managed 1 challenge and 1 class … Printed off the PDF files so far though and will do some scrapping on Monday or even tomorrow evening, depending on when we’re back from Inverness.

Point system was different this time, so no logging for yourself (shame … I quite liked that but can see why “scrappybunny” wanted to change it for her and the other organisers – they have now more time to take part themselves). 

True to the theme of MONOPOLY (I’m in the team TOP HATS btw with fellow Edinburgh Croppers Yvonne & Pauline plus Joanne from Isle Of Bute – a guest cropper at our crop) the points were in £££ per layout/challenge. ;)

Here you go … first one is:


This is the class “Bow Street” (by Gertie) – title was to use alpha letters as “mask” with paint for the title plus the strips of patterned paper was included too.  Not 100% happy with the LO, but the photo needed scrapping eventually. ;)

£150 for paint used (£100 without paint)

The Challenge was “Water Works” and should have included a holiday theme for £50 and if you have a water element on it you’d get another £50.


It’s our photos from Blizzard Beach 2008. :) Quite like the LO … first planned to go for a PageMaps map but the whittled down my photos (not the best quality, we used Neil’s camera in a poly bag to secure from water).  Journalling not done yet – it will go on a tag behind the big photo with the snowmen.



Oh… and here’s a photo of a card I made for the “1 stamp swap” at our crop with Heather P’s stamp (the window frame one) and also used one of my own Stamping Bella Stamps “Veggiebella”

IMG_0001 resized

Also used some stickles. ;)

Ok … I’ve now prepped for tomorrow, now will edit photos on my laptop and maybe read a bit.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Not going! :(

That's it ... we're not going ... flight was cancelled this morning. WHAT A CRAPPY CRAPPY THING!! :(

Hoping now that my big sis is going to manage to install Skype on my mum's PC so we can do a video chat tomorrow.

Not sure if I'm going to work this week ... maybe going for 2 days ... not sure. Or maybe using this week to get the house tidied, the garden done (if the weather plays along) and some crafting maybe?

Signed up for the next UKS Cybercrop, which starts on Friday ... that might make me find my Mojo again... :o

Should be sitting in my mum's flat now or go shopping in Germany, have some "Mettbroetchen" or "Leberkaesebroetchen" ... CRAP! :(

All because of this one here...

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Update - not looking good

Been keeping busy with editing photos and watching TV ... and now the latest news are Lufthansa nothing until 2pm (?am?) tomorrow, BA not even consider flying until Wednesday.

It's quite weird to see the differences in days ... DH and I suspect that British government doesn't want to do anything "risky" because of the elections looming in May! :(

Sun's finally out ... just about 7 hours late. :( Ah crappy crappy time!!! Really not happy!


I should have been at my mum’s by now … should have landed yesterday around 9pm in Frankfurt, but yet we’re still here at home.  That stupid volcano has some explaining to do!!! :(  Currently we’re booked for a flight on Monday with stand-by for today, but who says the flight will be going tomorrow???

It’s quite weird what you take for granted – I’ve been back for my mum’s (and previously my granny’s) birthday since I moved to the UK – that’s now 11 years with this year being a bit of a problem.  Can’t even go via train or ferry, as they’re all fully booked; driving is not an option either, due to the Chunnel being already fully booked – and considering that our car has troubles to get down to Doncaster – I doubt we would like to try if it can go all the way to Frankfurt (AND we would lose 1 day each way).

So right now we don’t even know IF we’re flying tomorrow. Apparently Lufthansa & KLM have done some test flights yesterday afternoon and decided it’s not safe enough. DH asked me if we would like to be the first to try flying – would that be safe? I’m not too sure. :o

At least I’m staying at home today (novelty on a Sunday in quite some time again!) due to stand-by. Weather is crap though, so my plans of doing some gardening or going for a nice walk are crushed. So today will be doing some housework, editing photos and maybe doing some crafts later. And a trip to the cinema.

I was shocked to hear my mum getting all teary yesterday when I called her to let her know the flight is cancelled … we’ve been down in December, and she’s planning to come up in August for the Festivals, but I assume for her it’s even worse than for me if we don’t visit during the usual time. :o

If we’re still grounded tomorrow then we won’t fly at all as our return flight is on Friday (first Wolves game on Sunday). Then we’ll try to go down in July or so. As much as I’d love that (able to go swimming in the “Kiesgrube” etc), I would prefer to be there for my mum’s birthday ….

Friday, 2 April 2010

Friday Fill-Ins

Friday Fill-Ins

1. All you need is a cuppa and a piece of cake to relax a little.
2. Animal antics fill me with laughter.
3. Each generation, as it grows up, makes it own history.
4. My inner self is something I have a hard time dealing with.
5. A trip to my family is what I need.
6.Give and you get back.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to not much today, tomorrow my plans include a cinema trip and Sunday, I want to see a good pre-season Wolves scrimmage!