Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Fussy Eater!!

SHOCK! HORROR!!! Here’s a blog entry!! Haven’t seen much from me on here lately, have you?!? ;) Well, girls kept me/us busy, health issues too, and I probably spend far too much time online… I know…

Supergirl had a dodgy tum Friday night, when I went upstairs to give the 11pm bottle there was sick all over the mattress, her face and also some bits spread to Miss Martian’s cot!!  And would you believe – Supergirl was all sleeping through it!!!

Called up DH, tidied her up – she was all chatty and smiley. DH changed Miss Martian’s and Supergirl’s covers and then phoned NHS24, as Supergirl started to be sick again (just bile though). Again, she was all smiles and cuddly, just a bit paler than usual.

We were told the usual, no food, just milk and nothing in the first hour of being sick. Check temp and get back if things get worse.

Well, Supergirl was fine on Saturday, no problem. But since she seems to have developed an aversion to either orange foods (she had red lentils/sweet potato/butternut squash puree when she was sick – she had that before and liked it, so can’t be an allergic reaction) or suddenly doesn’t like butternut squash/sweet potatoes/red lentils/tomatoes anymore. Oh … and she might have decided to be a vegetarian for a bit. Unfortunately, all meat purees contain some orange coloured food stuff so far, so process of elimination is not that easy – until tonight. I’ve made a chicken with pineapple/mango cottage cheese puree for dinner, so we’ll see …

It’s absolutely weird to see Miss Martian tucking into the solids (she usually preferred formula all the way) and the originally so adventurous when it comes to food Supergirl suddenly turning her head every time there’s some orangey/meaty food coming. She’s ok with the fruit purees though.

Ah well… update to follow…