Saturday, 31 October 2009

Stirling Clansmen vs The Stirling Allsorts ;)

Today's scrimmage was quite funny with a very depleted Alumni side (Ironman Football ... everyone playing both ways and only 1 player getting a breather per drive!). The current Squad was not back to full strength due to mid-term either.

It was a glorious day up in Stirling, with only a little "spittle" for a couple of minutes about halfway through.

Got a lot of good shots as well, interesting lighting as I did half of the pics shooting into the sun, which gave the photos a hazy look, like the one of Shane's (I think!) catch!

IMG_0172 (716 x 724)

I was a bit disappointed that 2 alumni players and ex Wolves, Johnny Bannerman and Adam "Mung" Smith, didn't take part in the scrimmage... would have been great to catch up with them again (but I am going to see Johnny on Thursday anyway).

However, managed to catch up with some 2009 Wolves after end of season (sometimes it's weird after spending so much time with them for 4 months and you suddenly don't see them every weekend or so for a couple of months!) - was good to catch up again with G and GT. :)

Introducing: The Stirling Allsorts (aka Alumni). ;)  That was the first thought that came to mind when I saw the mix of jerseys and lids... ;) Quite funny. And even more so funny to see GT playing for them - out of position as well on O (RB) - wonder if he's trying to get onto that position for 2010! ;)

IMG_0161 (864 x 576)

Now I have to get ready for Nikki & Dave 2's (why do I have 2 couples called Nikki & Dave? It's confusing!! ;) ) Halloween party! :)

Friday, 30 October 2009

Batch 1 of 2 in the oven.. ;)

Now on to sewing... huh! Or fighting with the sewing machine ... we'll see what happens. ;)

Pics for you (the second is to come once the first batch is out of the oven! ;) ):

Busy Friday...

Just taking a lunch break in between making Xmas tags for the Advent calendar Swap on Dani's Forum, making the first batch of cheesecake brownies for the next 2 weeks, sewing small Xmas bags for the swap above, filling them with the goodies and then sending them off in a parcel to Germany. ;)

So far I think I am on track ok ... let's just hope my sewing machine is not playing up this time.

Didn't get a new costume for tomorrow's party, but that's ok ... found my lab coat, still to find my goggles mind ... then "Mad Scientist" it is again. :) Wonder if I am going to be more prepared next year ... might actually SEW something ... again... provided sewing machine is compliant, but then ... I've to do a lot of sewing the next month, so it SHOULD BEHAVE!!

Pumpkin soup tonight ... and want to carve the thing as well... no idea yet about WHAT I'm carving, will find out later ... ;) It's not first priority (that would be the swap today).

So for now I leave you with a pick of the batter of the brownies ... chocolate is still melting in the micro! ;)

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Just a quick hello...

as I am about to fall asleep! :o

Been back to work for the first time since the OP, and while my body is ok and was "compliant" from day 3 post OP, my brain just didn't want to play along at work today.

I felt totally drained, and even 3 mugs of tea didn't help ... or a caffeine pill from one of my colleagues.. :o Nope, I actually got more tired and the last hour of work I probably walked around like a zombie!!!

Going shopping after work for mainly baking ingredients (as I have to make a couple of batches of my "famous" cheesecake brownies over the next 2 or so weeks... ;)) and getting stuff for dinner probably didn't help much either. :(

DH was busy and had to get stuff from B&Q for our shed (the roof was ripped off somehow - I didn't see it, but AP thinks it was the wind .. DH suspects vandals as we heard some clanging yesterday night! :=( ) so I beat my tiredness and cooked dinner (Pork Sausages with caramelized onions (YUM!), carrots, broccoli and potatoes), ate and then retired to the bedroom around 8pm.

Currently sitting here, watching the new "NCIS Los Angeles" - see if I like the version with Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J as much as "Abby, DiNozzo,McGee & Co". ;) Oh... looks like Abby is going to do some crossover to NCIS LA ... oooooh goody!! :D

Actually wanted to start making Xmas tags for a swap today but my energy levels are below anything good right now... planning on making a start tomorrow, now that I don't have to cook dinner - it's leftovers from today with different set of sausages. :D

*** Now ... nobody wanting to play along with the "PAY IT FORWARD"? Looks like I just have to pick 3 friends of mine and send them some RAK instead?***

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A little PAY IT FORWARD! :)

I saw this one on Lynz's blog and thought I was too late to sign up ... but the girlie just told me there are only 2 sign ups so far, so there! ;) I think it sounds like a bit of fun and I quite like the idea! :)

1. I will make a little something for the first three people who comment on this post. It will be a surprise and it will arrive on your doorstep when you least expect it!

2. I will have 365 days to do it in. What's the catch? To get a handmade prezzie from me, you have to play too. This means YOU pledge to send a little handmade something to three readers of your blog. It doesn't have to be quilty or scrapbooky - just handmade.

3. You must have a blog. (obviously!)

4. BEFORE you comment here, you must post about your Pay It Forward on your blog to keep the fun going, and display the Pay It Forward button.

I know I have lots of people reading my blog ... and as I have a couple of followers as well, I hope I won't have a problem with people taking part. :)

I will include any of my overseas friends as it's a nice idea!! :)

So... who's up for it?? :) Remember - you got a full year time to do the PIF ... which currently is the only reason why I jump on it. ;)

Monday, 26 October 2009

Wembley Sunday! (long post!)

The reason we three came down to London in the first place... ;) I'm not particularly a fan of either the Patriots or the Bucs, but I just wanted to take in the atmosphere... goes back to me not having a specific NFL team really. 2 years ago we came down here with Neil and met up with my best friend from Germany, Markus, for the Dolphins v Giants game - the Dolphins of course being Doug's team, and the Giants ... well... I am surprised we've managed to see them live 3 TIMES considering that every single one of them was a snore-fest (even though they made it to SuperBowl XXXV in the 1999/2000 season (after we'd seen them play at Tampa Bay Bucs) and to SuperBowl XLII in 2007/2008 - which is after we saw them in the first of the "International Series" against the Dolphins in London.

Anyway... enough of history ... ;)

We got up early for breakfast, only to arrive at a 15 mins queue for the breakfast TABLES which would have probably resulted in another 15 mins queuing for the actual food ... so we filled in customer comments and went to a small cafe at King's Cross - which served a very nice English Breakfast (and if only Nikki or I would have spotted the option of the "Big Breakfast" including Hash Browns we would have gone for that!! ;) ).

Got to Wembley just about the right time to join the queue for the Tailgate party. Had a quick looksie around, took photos of some of the team info boards (Dolphins for Doug, Jaguars for Neil), then went on to the Merchandise tent, where I was dithering over getting something for either of them but decided against it. Didn't like this year's graphics of the game merchandise, so I just went for the obligatory mug - while Nikki and Dave purchased a couple of things... ;) Quite a funny mixture of fans we were - Nikki being total Pats (and Brady!) fan, Dave being a Cowboy Fan and me ... well ... nae NFL team claimed yet (or claimed me as a fan yet ;) ).

Onto the "Hall of Fame" Tent ... were thinking of taking a couple of photos in order to make up for the lost ones of the original ... however, there was a lot of queuing involved (there was a queue just to see the SuperBowl Rings!!) and we then got rushed into the 3-D experience ... which started off with only 1 of the projectors on... LOL. About 5 mins later the 2nd kicked in and THEN it was a great experience!! :) Oh ... and I saw a couple of Braunschweig Lions fans - but nobody I recognized.

On the way out of the tailgate party we ran into Stu and Goggs from the Wolves - which was quite funny, as I didn't know they'd be down. ;) Went onto the "unofficial" tailgate party at The Green Man pub - which was HEAVING! I think they'll have to look into a new venue in future! :o There I saw Ross (whom I hadn't seen since the demise of the Claymores), Andy from the Galaxy (whom I see on a more or less regular basis funnily enough! ;) ), Euan (ex Wolves lineman and treasurer), plus some BAFRA officials (Ben & Alan) whom I didn't think I'd see again until next Wolves season. :)

Today's food - a Jumbo hot dog (jumbo roll, not so jumbo dog) with onions courtesy of the Colchester Gladiators.

As the bar was getting totally stuffed we decided to go back earlier to the Stadium, get a tea/coffee there and rearrange my rucksack (hide the bigger lens) and then start queuing.

Queue was quite long, but at least this year there was NO RAIN (like 2 years ago when Doug and I went down or last year as per Nikki & Dave). Was quite windy though. :o After quite some queuing, a fairly quick search of my rucksack (and no detecting of bigger, "professional" lens) we made our way up to the "nosebleed section" seats with a fairly good view of the game. :) Was trying to contact some of my BritBowl Stats crew friends who were helping out with the stats today and also contacting other pals to see where they sitting ... a lot of FBing, texting and taking photos since early morning didn't really help my phone battery, which died in the crucial moment of trying to get information from the Clansmen HC where to go for the post game do!! :o With Nikki's loan of mobile & a quick text to obtain Coach Orr's mobile number from Doug that was resolved though.

Stadium around 3:30pm:

Stadium just before National Anthems around 4:55pm:

The game was fairly non-exciting, given the match up of the Pats v Bucs - fairly predictable outcome. I wasn't too happy about Brady taking a knee with still 1:50mins to play at the end though. Would have enjoyed the game more if there wouldn't have been those 3 soccer fans behind us constantly chatting about anything BUT American Football and not even stopping to breathe!! >:( You really wonder sometimes why people bother to pay money for a sports event ticket if they are not that much into the sport. :o I guess it's just a thing of boasting (I HAVE BEEN THERE!) ... and in the case of NFL games in the UK ... probably the novelty of being allowed to drink beer in the stadium!!!

Oh... and another bonus this time... we had someone doing a NICE rendition of "Star spangled Banner", without lots of warbling about a' la Witney Houston & Co! Well done, Toni Braxton!!! And a nice version of "Good save the Queen" by Katherine Jenkins, too. :) Final of the game - win to the Pats 35:7. Bucs had more possession of the ball, but that's that - and I missed their TD!! Quite a bit of Shotgun plays, which was interesting. The good thing in being a fan of neither team is that you can observe the plays properly - Defensive coverage, Offensive formation etc, which is quite good if you want to learn the technicalities of the game (for me it's good as I can spot/try to predict how the play will go and can therefore position myself properly for good photo shots!).

After the game - with still no reply from Coach Orr - we just tried to "wing it" to get to the Hilton Bar. Unfortunately, I didn't have the mobile phone no's of the other Clansmen on hand - and it would have been a fruitless action anyway as my phone didn't even start up anymore. ;) So we just googled it, and followed Google Map instructions ... which brought us to a totally different place in the beginning, as the GPS somehow thought we'd started off in a different location! ;) Nikki then checked with one of the helpful policemen who sent us back the road we came from and said the Hilton would be the 2nd or 3rd Hotel. A quite weird information, as we walked past a building site ... stating "4* Hilton" being built!! :o We tried our luck at "The Plaza Hotel", which looked as if it could have been a Hilton previously (font etc.) and lo and behold (after Nikki being able to wave to team busses leaving the stadium! ;) ) we found the Clansmen contingent (minus Head coach) in the bar - and the Cowboys game was on TV, which cheered up Dave no end. ;)

One of the reasons I wanted to go to the after game do with the Clansmen was to see Jonathan again, who came down to the Wolves with GT, Maciver, McManus, Michael Jordan and Coach Orr end of 2007. Unfortunately, the Stirling boys never became Wolves at that point, and Jonathan moved down to Birmingham. So while I am on course to get McManus and Maciver back into the "pack", I will not get Jonathan, who's now a "Bull". ;)

With me being told by Doug that my fantasy Football QB Shaun Hill (49ers) was benched (and earning me -1 point!!) I decided to have a "night cap" which extended to 3 as Coach Orr ordered rounds and included me in the Sambuca order ...

Now... not having been to an Italian restaurant with people who drink alcohol in quite a while I totally forgot that I actually cannot STAND that stuff.... because it's anise-flavoured!! :( But, in my defense - I only know the clear stuff ... while the order was the dark coloured version! Managed to drink them though, but after that it was fortunately time to leave for the tube - as I don't think I could have stomached another one!! ;)

Well... back at the hotel now, the cheeseburger bought on the way has given the sambuca some base and I hope I can sleep ok now. ;) Tomorrow is early start and then going back home... can't believe the weekend is over already! :o

London Day1: NFL Shopping and CEROC!

Started early as I had to meet up at 9am with the Browns to catch the train down. :) And after the last problems we had with National Express to London I really wanted to make sure everything is sorted ... Fortunately, Nikki & Dave reserved a table so I was able to go online, keep in touch with DH and check FB etc.

Trip was quick and uneventful, and we arrived in London without troubles, put up some money on the Oyster Card and off to the hotel we went (President Hotel at Russell Square).

After checking in we decided to go to some of the official shops for NFL merchandise ... and were thoroughly disappointed! The space the shops (Reebok & Footlocker) had set aside for the merchandise was about half my kitchen!!! :o You'd think they'd push the sale a bit more, considering the influx of foreigners coming from America and mainland Europe for the "International Series" game!!! :( Only a couple of jerseys of the main teams (not even all), no kids sizes, no female cut jerseys ... nothing. :o Caps were not that many either. I think the best shop for variety was the smallest!! Reebok down Neal Street. Yet we didn't find anything and just decided to go shopping on Sunday in the Merchandise tent. :o

As for the "official game Merchandise" ... I wasn't impressed with the logo/graphics at all... :( So didn't buy anything. Think I'll get the obligatory mug though, but that's less than a tenner anyway. ;) Oh... and the program. So, around £20 for merchandise.

Today's Dinner/Food: King Prawns with Avocado and Marie Rose Sauce plus Spaghetti Carbonara courtesy of The Spaghetti House. :)

After a little detour for traffic (Central line had an "incident" before we arrived at Oxford Circus) we arrived back at the hotel go get changed and go back out ... to my "initiation to CEROC". :) To be fair, I wasn't 100% too sure about going, but then decided I would anyway, in the worst case I could sit on the side and watch the Intermediates (Dave & Nikki) do their bit. ;) And Sharon and I had planned to meet up there and try it together. ;) Actually... it was Sharon who talked me into it when I wasn't too sure whether to go! ;)

The format was 45 mins beginners from the start - which caused a problem as Sharon had traffic trouble and we were both not aware that there was a strict timescale. So I told her that she shouldn't rush to come and meet me today as she would miss out on the beginners class anyway. However, I did text her the details of her closest Ceroc place, which is just around the corner from her train station I believe!! :D Think she's trying to talk her BF into it. :)

Soooo... my first Ceroc class... Was feeling a bit weird ... I used to do Ballroom & Latin American dancing in my teens, when it was "in" to do it (i.e. from age 14 - 16). Did 5 classes and totally enjoyed it! :) However, I wasn't 100% sure what Ceroc actually is ... even though Nikki & Dave explained it to me on several occasions as "Modern Jive". Anyway, Nikki was my first partner which was fun. :) At a Ceroc class you line up in pairs but after each learned step you change partners ... apparently so you don't get bad habits from your partner or pass on bad habits. ;) Good idea really.

In total I learned 5 (?) moves and it was fun!! Was a bit worried as the teacher was only explaining what the men had to do ... and I didn't know my footwork etc, and had to remind myself not to lead (at the dance classes in my teens I had a couple of not very natural dancers (I know ...kind words for numpties!! ;) ) so I just naturally took on the leader role. ;) After the beginners class Nikki told me that there just IS no footwork. You just do your steps. And one of the "Taxi dancers" who did the refresher with us beginners while the intermediates learned 3 more steps explained that "the woman doesn't move - the man moves the woman". Interesting concept, needs a bit of re-training from me, but that should be ok. :D In between the beginners class and the refresher for beginners there was "Freestyle". And I had some intermediates dancing with me (apart from Nikki - DAVE, you still owe me a dance at some point! LOL) - and I quite prefer that, as they really do LEAD ... beginners are of course not sure what to do and you really don't want to push/pull a member of the opposite sex you never met in the first 5 mins of meeting. ;)

Definnitely think Sharon would have loved it, and I loved it too, so will go to the Ceroc in Edinburgh (yeah, N & D - another convert!! ;) ). Not sure if Doug will come along - I know he will try it at least once, but given his history of dancing and having to lead I am not sure if he would enjoy it ... and if you enjoy it it's more fun. We'll see.

... I never realised how much I missed my dancing until now (Ceilidh doesn't count and even that I haven't been to in quite a while)... :o

Right ... off to bed now ... tomorrow is more shopping - I found a quilt shop online in Kew (Tikki Fabrics) so we'll go there in the morning and meet up with Sharon. Then it's time for Hotel Chocolat (N & D never been to one! Uh oh! ;) ), a cuppa and chat at Caffe Nero's and in the evening "WICKED" !!! :D

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Proof that I have been crafting lately...

Not much, but I've been doing it! ;)

Sharon's belated birthday card - one of my new "Whiff of Joy" stamps:


Whiff of joy stamp "Fall Willow holding baby Turkey"
Cuttlebug Embossing Folder "Swiss Dots"
Cuttlebug Cut & Emboss Starter pack (included in Cuttlebug machine purchase)
Patterned Paper:

Then her "New Job" card...:


Prima flowers
Bitmap courtesy Microsoft

A tag for the latest "One Stamp Swap" (Pam's Indian Stamps):


Gold Acrylic paint dabber

And then the CJ entry I have been procrastinating about for the last 4 (!!!) months! Apologies to the girlies at Dani's forum (life and all that getting in the way!). This is the one with the theme "Moments of Love".



I am planning on doing the entry for the "Where I live" CJ this week.

I have of course also been doing the Chinese Whispers (still got 1 to do) and will post them after our November crop as that "swap/challenge" is kinda secret. ;)

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I wonder sometimes if I have favourites on the team (now teams) who I take pics of... Have had a look at the photos over the years, but have to say it's usually the ball carrier or QB on O (Offense) and the tackler on D (Defense) plus each line. And Special Teams I usually get the kicker/punter. I've got lots of shots of linemen at the LOS (Line of scrimmage) with the opposition just beside it (like below).

I do seem to have a shuffle about D or O dominant years though... quite funny. However, I think this year it seems to be fairly even between O and D. :D

Just to clear that up, as I had a couple of Wolves players complaining this year that I've taken so many pics of Stuey ... well... that's because he had the blimming ball!! ;)

Wonder if I'm going to have one side of the Clansmen being predominantly this year in my shots ... we'll see. :)

ETA: Oh ... ok ... I DO have favourites to take pics of ... I admit it! ;)

Monday, 19 October 2009


Today I spent downstairs on the couch - wanted to do soooo much ... read my Card Making mags for inspiration for Xmas cards, read my anatomy book & study notes, do some Xstitch, actually get a late birthday card done for Sharon ... and what did I do? I've watched 1 movie we had on Sky+ for Donkeys, ordered some scrapbooking stuff for the Advent Calendar at Dani's Forum, cooked the lamb shoulder (well.. prepped it and put it in the oven) and emptied the dishwasher (too much bending over there ... bad Kat!!).

That was about it. Oh ... and I did a lot of browsing. Bad thing really, have to reduce that!! :o

Had planned to pick DH up at his parents but at around 4:30pm I suddenly got a slump ... not sure if that's the anaesthetics still in my body, or if I'd overdone it afterall yesterday ... but I could have fallen asleep on the spot! :o So ... obviously didn't pick DH up.

AP kindly did the veggies for dinner, and DH did the reheating ... right now we're watching "Flash Forward" and I am tired again/still.

In my defense - I didn't sleep well. Somehow my body didn't agree with me and the (for me) small pain niggles when moving around. And DH has a sinusitis coming on, so there was some snoring. And my brain was working some overtime as well...

Hope it's going better tonight ... and I hope to catch up with things tomorrow.

Friday, 16 October 2009

The annual OP (as it seems)... (full play by play! LOL)

Went to RIE for 11am yesterday for keyhole surgery/laparoscopy ... whatever they want to call it today. It was for the usual, cyst aspiration ... although, this time I was back in Ward 210 instead of day surgery (Dr Martin said it's usually only the early morning slots in the outpatients place, the afternoon ones are in Ward 210) - and the expected "aspiration" (i.e. drainage) turned into a "cystectomy" (i.e. removal). Was a bit worried when I signed the agreement, as Dr Martin said that depending on how things go, how much the cyst obstructs the ovary they may not "know" they removed parts of the ovary until it's too late ... not very comforting, is it!! :o And another thing - he suspects that there are a) more than one cyst (which I knew - but I thought the 2nd was much smaller than the 1st) and b) that they are located one on each ovary. HUH! Now THAT was news!!! :o

We'd been waiting for 3 hours already, met a funny lady from Clermiston (just around the corner from us!), Val, who got the OP slot before me. I really don't know why they ask you to turn up in the ward that early if you don't get a bed until 2 - 3 pm??? :o German brain kicking in and not understanding the logic behind that.

Met the anaesthetist, told him about my grade 3 throat - because of some weird rules they don't have access to or copies of my files of EFREC (which again is against all logic in my eyes!!). There was hoping that I wouldn't have a very sore throat again when coming to after the OP because of the info ... well... dinnae happen. HAD a very sore throat, and I really get to the point where I want to pick my anaesthetist for OPs... Dr Burns!! The only female anaesthetist I've come across RIE so far with my numerous laparoscopies and the one who actually suggested I get a MedicAlert bracelet. When she intubates me I don't have much of a sore throat!!!

Anyway - got my bed around 3-ish I think and got changed - and immediately was trolleyed down to the theatre (Val had to walk 1 hour beforehand as they didn't have a bed ready for her yet). Still had to crawl onto the OP table (which isn't a table ... it's a LEDGE, I tell ye!) but it was in a pre-theatre room for the anaesthetists - not like the first time I had my OP in the main building. Injection went fine, they got the "butterfly" (canula) in ok at least (my veins cooperated this time... wahey!) and then I went off to sleep (and I am so bloody happy that I don't have allergies to the same parts of anaesthetics as my mum ... that was confirmed by Dr Burns as the components were already used for me in the past).

Came around quite quickly (which I seem to every time) but still woozy (again as usual) but was ok on the charts (yep... I DO read my medical charts/folder after an OP... ;) ) and didn't need much oxygen. Got the usual cuppa and asked for toast as well (usually love that buttered toast in hospital) - but felt slighlty nauseous (later figured why - they had used a little morphine and I seem to react to it - but not too bad to classify it as "allergy" (like my Penicillin allergy) - so this time I got an anti-sickness injection and that was that.

Oh! And one new thing this time ... I had a drainage thingy in (no ... not a catheder - yet have to experience that! LOL)... never had that before! And it had drained already 50mls by the end of yesterday - wasn't told what the pipe and bottle was until I asked, just saw blood in there and was of course worried and expected the worst (i.e. ovary removed etc!).

Sleeping was not that easy - why do I always end up in a ward room with older biddies who complain about everything, snore and are in a lot of pain???? Had my MP3 player with me but that didn't help that much. And of course waking up every 2 hours was not the best either. So am really still quite shattered.

The rounds confirmed that there were 2 cysts, one on each ovary, but the removal went fine. Dr Martin was happy with how things went and said I could be discharged this morning ... and he prescribed another Zolly round ... with first injection TODAY! ... How cruel can a surgeon be??? An injection into your tummy where they just did some major keyhole surgery??? OUCH!!!

Well... I got lunch (I actually have no problem with the food at the RIE) afterall, as the nurse didn't want to release me until 2:30pm. Not sure why she still wanted to keep an eye on me - I was mobile and had done all that's required for discharge. Got finally to have a shower at 11am (after getting woken up at 6:30am) because I needed to get the drainage thing out first ... it's really a funny feeling when they pull the pipe out ... and the hole closes without stitches. I'm wondering if they put it into one of the keyhole holes, as I usually have 3 sites of stitches: one left, one right and one in the belly button. This time I have stitches right and in the belly button, and then the hole where the drainage was in.

Right now I'm in bed (at home though - WAHEY!!!), still groggy from the anaesthetics (I think - maybe still some morphine in my body too), but not too sore ... you just gotta love high pain thresholds really. I think I may actually make it up to Stirling on Sunday for the training scrimmage to take some pics. ;) Well... we'll see how the pain levels and mobility is. Think all I need is a camping chair to take breaks. ;)

Coach Orr told me not to push it ... was quite nice, he's sent me about 3 or 4 PMs on Facebook to check how I am and also a text. Feels good to get that from "new" friends (know him already a couple of years) :) And Coach Broughton (who is really someone I don't know that long!) has been commenting on FB and asking how I am as well... :) Nice!! While other people who I counted as "friend" and who were aware that I was going in for an OP haven't said anything yet ... think there's a rotten apple that needs removing. :(

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Glorious Sunday with an early start

After the awards night yesterday I really could have done without getting up early, but I managed - and it was a wonderful crisp sunny morning! :) Enjoyed the drive up to Stirling (40 -45 mins instead of 60! ;) ) and love Love LOVE the campus!!

Arrived about half into the QB training (which was about 30 mins earlier than most of the rest of the squad) and got some nice shots of Cammy going through the motions. Got quite a lot of shots during the full team training session, too. A total of 200 pics ... :o That's usually average for GAMEDAY, but I don't get them at training ... but then... I usually don't take photos at Wolves training, and have to do some catch up for the Clansmen pics. ;)

After meeting only the vets at training camp it was quite interesting to see the full team - and it was even better to see one of the ex-Wolves Juniors kitting up again. FAB! :) The team seems to come along well, and it's really nice to work with a total different set of coaches. :)

Stirling Uni hosted a Triathlon today as well, was quite funny really ... lots of people running around, I saw a couple of them in the pool (and WHAT A POOL!! WOW! Did I mention I LOVE THE CAMPUS??? ;) ) and also some on the bike ... I personally couldn't do Triathlon I don't think ... although I like cycling and swimming... think the running would be my downfall. :)

Now ... tell me ... who wouldn't want to train (American Football) in a surrounding like this???

The Clansmen is playing on the higher grass pitches, which I've yet to see - depending on the outcome of the OP on 15th I might get to see them on the 18th! :) And now pics of the Swimming Pool - it's the "training ground" for the National Swimming Academy in Scotland. :)

During training I received a text from my old friend Lynz whom I haven't seen in about ... huh... 2-3 years? I had contacted her yesterday via Facebook to check if she's available for a cuppa - given that she's in Alloa, so just around the corner from Stirling. :) So after training I made my way to her and we had such a fab time together!!! Wow, hun - still tons of catch up to do!! :D And that will happen, as I will be more regularly up in Stirling for Clansmen training & games ... I even managed to talk her into coming to the odd game... ;) I'm so glad I contacted her again through UKS. :)

And I had a first in driving over the new Kincardine Bridge - don't think I've ever been over either the old or the new one ... and it was quite weird to come from Alloa and suddenly get signs welcoming me to Fife etc. ;)

Monday, 5 October 2009

Not my week...

I've been hit by bouts of headache last week again and again ... spoken to some other migraine sufferers and we think it's because of the weather ... I really wish I wouldn't be so sensitive to changes in weather with the migraines... :(

Yesterday was bad, today I was woken up by a telephone call from the inlaws to let us know they're back home from their holiday... :( Let's say it that way, that phone call didn't help really. But I think I should be able to get some stuff done at least today.

Going to have breakfast now and then will look into some crafty stuff ... and get a start on the awards.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

World Card Making Day

That's apparently today... ;) And while my migraine decided to disagree with the weather change outside (woke up with stinking "tight band" headaches and am still not 100%) I hope I will at least manage one card today. :) 

Had a look at Dani's Forum where they have an online crop just for cards, and the talented Ladies have a lot of nice cards there. :D

So - if you're a card maker, make a card today on World Card Making Day. :)



Friday, 2 October 2009

On the mend ... more or less...

Stuffy nose is still there, but puffiness has gone, and headache is fairly small too. PHEW! I just hate it to come back from an action-packed weekend at BritBowl just to get a cold and be out of commission for 3 days of my holidays! :o

Fortunately I don't seem to have caught the swine flu that weekend like several others did. :o

Planning on doing some crafty stuff today as well as doing some house work, and have to pop to the gym.

Main priority for this and next week is the awards for the Senior and Junior Wolves and the Fusion players for our combined Awards Night on the 10th. So I'll look into my "Portfolio" of Wolves Seniors, Wolves Juniors and Fusion players to pick the photos that will be on the awards ... then I will have to look into what I am going to do for the awards. :o

Also have to get a CJ entry done ... REALLY!!! And go to the gym. Glad I managed to go out shopping tomorrow afterall (with tension headaches), even though I didn't buy much for myself ... made up for that with a bit online shopping though. ;)