Friday, 2 October 2009

On the mend ... more or less...

Stuffy nose is still there, but puffiness has gone, and headache is fairly small too. PHEW! I just hate it to come back from an action-packed weekend at BritBowl just to get a cold and be out of commission for 3 days of my holidays! :o

Fortunately I don't seem to have caught the swine flu that weekend like several others did. :o

Planning on doing some crafty stuff today as well as doing some house work, and have to pop to the gym.

Main priority for this and next week is the awards for the Senior and Junior Wolves and the Fusion players for our combined Awards Night on the 10th. So I'll look into my "Portfolio" of Wolves Seniors, Wolves Juniors and Fusion players to pick the photos that will be on the awards ... then I will have to look into what I am going to do for the awards. :o

Also have to get a CJ entry done ... REALLY!!! And go to the gym. Glad I managed to go out shopping tomorrow afterall (with tension headaches), even though I didn't buy much for myself ... made up for that with a bit online shopping though. ;)

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