Saturday, 31 October 2009

Stirling Clansmen vs The Stirling Allsorts ;)

Today's scrimmage was quite funny with a very depleted Alumni side (Ironman Football ... everyone playing both ways and only 1 player getting a breather per drive!). The current Squad was not back to full strength due to mid-term either.

It was a glorious day up in Stirling, with only a little "spittle" for a couple of minutes about halfway through.

Got a lot of good shots as well, interesting lighting as I did half of the pics shooting into the sun, which gave the photos a hazy look, like the one of Shane's (I think!) catch!

IMG_0172 (716 x 724)

I was a bit disappointed that 2 alumni players and ex Wolves, Johnny Bannerman and Adam "Mung" Smith, didn't take part in the scrimmage... would have been great to catch up with them again (but I am going to see Johnny on Thursday anyway).

However, managed to catch up with some 2009 Wolves after end of season (sometimes it's weird after spending so much time with them for 4 months and you suddenly don't see them every weekend or so for a couple of months!) - was good to catch up again with G and GT. :)

Introducing: The Stirling Allsorts (aka Alumni). ;)  That was the first thought that came to mind when I saw the mix of jerseys and lids... ;) Quite funny. And even more so funny to see GT playing for them - out of position as well on O (RB) - wonder if he's trying to get onto that position for 2010! ;)

IMG_0161 (864 x 576)

Now I have to get ready for Nikki & Dave 2's (why do I have 2 couples called Nikki & Dave? It's confusing!! ;) ) Halloween party! :)

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