Sunday, 11 October 2009

Glorious Sunday with an early start

After the awards night yesterday I really could have done without getting up early, but I managed - and it was a wonderful crisp sunny morning! :) Enjoyed the drive up to Stirling (40 -45 mins instead of 60! ;) ) and love Love LOVE the campus!!

Arrived about half into the QB training (which was about 30 mins earlier than most of the rest of the squad) and got some nice shots of Cammy going through the motions. Got quite a lot of shots during the full team training session, too. A total of 200 pics ... :o That's usually average for GAMEDAY, but I don't get them at training ... but then... I usually don't take photos at Wolves training, and have to do some catch up for the Clansmen pics. ;)

After meeting only the vets at training camp it was quite interesting to see the full team - and it was even better to see one of the ex-Wolves Juniors kitting up again. FAB! :) The team seems to come along well, and it's really nice to work with a total different set of coaches. :)

Stirling Uni hosted a Triathlon today as well, was quite funny really ... lots of people running around, I saw a couple of them in the pool (and WHAT A POOL!! WOW! Did I mention I LOVE THE CAMPUS??? ;) ) and also some on the bike ... I personally couldn't do Triathlon I don't think ... although I like cycling and swimming... think the running would be my downfall. :)

Now ... tell me ... who wouldn't want to train (American Football) in a surrounding like this???

The Clansmen is playing on the higher grass pitches, which I've yet to see - depending on the outcome of the OP on 15th I might get to see them on the 18th! :) And now pics of the Swimming Pool - it's the "training ground" for the National Swimming Academy in Scotland. :)

During training I received a text from my old friend Lynz whom I haven't seen in about ... huh... 2-3 years? I had contacted her yesterday via Facebook to check if she's available for a cuppa - given that she's in Alloa, so just around the corner from Stirling. :) So after training I made my way to her and we had such a fab time together!!! Wow, hun - still tons of catch up to do!! :D And that will happen, as I will be more regularly up in Stirling for Clansmen training & games ... I even managed to talk her into coming to the odd game... ;) I'm so glad I contacted her again through UKS. :)

And I had a first in driving over the new Kincardine Bridge - don't think I've ever been over either the old or the new one ... and it was quite weird to come from Alloa and suddenly get signs welcoming me to Fife etc. ;)


Heather said...

Very pretty campus.

And thanks for posting the link to Lynz's blog. :)

sharonfruit said...

Stirling is a lovely campus. I have to say that I can think of many things I would do in those surroundings but playing American Football isn't one of them ;o)