Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I wonder sometimes if I have favourites on the team (now teams) who I take pics of... Have had a look at the photos over the years, but have to say it's usually the ball carrier or QB on O (Offense) and the tackler on D (Defense) plus each line. And Special Teams I usually get the kicker/punter. I've got lots of shots of linemen at the LOS (Line of scrimmage) with the opposition just beside it (like below).

I do seem to have a shuffle about D or O dominant years though... quite funny. However, I think this year it seems to be fairly even between O and D. :D

Just to clear that up, as I had a couple of Wolves players complaining this year that I've taken so many pics of Stuey ... well... that's because he had the blimming ball!! ;)

Wonder if I'm going to have one side of the Clansmen being predominantly this year in my shots ... we'll see. :)

ETA: Oh ... ok ... I DO have favourites to take pics of ... I admit it! ;)

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