Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Just a quick hello...

as I am about to fall asleep! :o

Been back to work for the first time since the OP, and while my body is ok and was "compliant" from day 3 post OP, my brain just didn't want to play along at work today.

I felt totally drained, and even 3 mugs of tea didn't help ... or a caffeine pill from one of my colleagues.. :o Nope, I actually got more tired and the last hour of work I probably walked around like a zombie!!!

Going shopping after work for mainly baking ingredients (as I have to make a couple of batches of my "famous" cheesecake brownies over the next 2 or so weeks... ;)) and getting stuff for dinner probably didn't help much either. :(

DH was busy and had to get stuff from B&Q for our shed (the roof was ripped off somehow - I didn't see it, but AP thinks it was the wind .. DH suspects vandals as we heard some clanging yesterday night! :=( ) so I beat my tiredness and cooked dinner (Pork Sausages with caramelized onions (YUM!), carrots, broccoli and potatoes), ate and then retired to the bedroom around 8pm.

Currently sitting here, watching the new "NCIS Los Angeles" - see if I like the version with Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J as much as "Abby, DiNozzo,McGee & Co". ;) Oh... looks like Abby is going to do some crossover to NCIS LA ... oooooh goody!! :D

Actually wanted to start making Xmas tags for a swap today but my energy levels are below anything good right now... planning on making a start tomorrow, now that I don't have to cook dinner - it's leftovers from today with different set of sausages. :D

*** Now ... nobody wanting to play along with the "PAY IT FORWARD"? Looks like I just have to pick 3 friends of mine and send them some RAK instead?***

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