Monday, 12 July 2010

Monday after game day…

… and I’m actually doing our OWN washing instead of the team kit! :) That’s a bit of a novelty really, and I like it.

Have been doing 3 washes but weather looks as if it’s going to rain anytime soon, so the washing is hanging up in the living room.

At least I managed to mow the lawn – somehow the grass grew up to 1 foot plus during the last 2 weeks … next time I’ll just take a scythe to the grass if it’s that long, probably easier that way!! :o

BILD0240 BILD0247

If the weather is still holding then I’ll tackle the thistles in the front garden and re-plant my dwarf roses.

Was actually planning to do some crafting, but the good weather (read “non-rain”) means I HAVE to do something in the garden – who knows when I’ll get next the time/weather to do it.

Oh … and my small plants in the garden seem to do their business this year!! Just think I have to transfer the pepper, cucumber and courgette plants into a proper veggie patch (which is half done).

BILD0246 BILD0241

In other news – Wolves are now 6-2, and undefeated at home. Means we may get to the playoffs and have a non-regular season homegame in September. … Oh, that reminds me … have to do club stuff afterall (e-mails). Pfffft!!! :(