Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Father-to-be’s Day to DH!

Today is Father’s Day, and because Doug is effectively already a dad – we just have to wait a little longer – I decided to get him a little present and card from me and the twins. Smile 

I started the card yesterday at the crop but didn’t have the right stamps for the tag (and it needed adjusting due to the “bespoke” text anyway) – and the fact that I only managed to finish one Thank you card yesterday has nothing to do with that. LOL.

As for the present – we saw this book at the Twin Group meeting in June, and Doug’s borrowed it. I had a quick look and ordered for him online, and told him off for reading the book – he thought it was due to being a bit superstitious. Winking smile

But here you go … the present and card for the father-to-be…


(absolutely funny book about babies … just like any electrical manual etc.).


Stamps are all from Dimension Fourth Ltd (F1 car and Flags - Doug LOVES F1 &), I also used one of the Spellbinder tags. Everything is embossed in “Blueberry Regular” from WOW Embossing powders – I found them at the Craft Fair at Ratho in May, and just loved their colours (might have to buy more!!). The papers are from the mixed pack in a carrier bag which Costco had last year or the year before for sale.

The Father-to-Be loved both – even though he first thought I just wrapped the borrowed book!! Open-mouthed smile

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Comments quota?

I’ve seen the numbers going up on people checking out my blog, but hardly anyone comments on anything. Might be that they just don’t have anything to say to a particular topic, but still.

I personally am guilty myself, as I’m reading blog entries via the Google Reader, and I’m bad with leaving comments.

Another reason for less comments is probably Facebook with the comments on the walls.

Ah well! Winking smile

However, I’ll now make sure that I’ll be commenting on topics I have something to say (even if it’s just a short comment). Let’s hope I’ll stick to it.

Monday, 13 June 2011

“Pregnancy bubble” effect–very sad news

Not sure if that’s just a thing my body is doing, but whenever I have had bad news it feels like I am in a bubble, like my brain won’t let that come too close to me. Protection mechanism for the twins so I’m not getting too upset/change blood pressure etc.? Who knows.

I had that back in April when my mum told me they had to revert her healed and closed tracheotomy due to her airways growing shut and she only had 30% air coming through. I just seemed to go into “robot mode” with it, just dealt with it and my head didn’t let it affect me.

On Sunday evening I was told that one of our “graduated” Junior Wolves players, whom I expected to put on a senior Wolves jersey soon, has died. He was one of our junior players for 2 years, team captain, and as photographer, first aider and club secretary for the squad I had a fairly good contact to him. Can remember when he had his injuries (one of them being a fingernail being torn out of the nail bed…huh!).

Now I’m feeling guilty, because that “pregnancy bubble” won’t let me get emotionally involved. It’s as if I’m on tranquilizers or so. Really a weird feeling that is very wrong. Sad smile 

It was a very sad accident, and he was definitely too young to go so soon. You never think that this could happen, but unfortunately it does. My thoughts are with his family & friends.

Rest in peace, Calum!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

TV Shows from your childhood

Do you have any shows you’ve hardly missed as a child? And I don’t mean children TV now, I mean entertainment shows.

One program I ALWAYS watched when we were at home was the

ZDF – FERNSEHGARTEN (celebrating 25 years this year!!)

(big entertainment show with games, guests, music, cooking, DIY help etc.)

They later added the

ZDF – WINTERGARTEN which was really nicely built like a Christmas market and provided the same as the original, just with topic of Christmas).

Definitely shows I LOVED as a child, and I am glad that they are doing live streams online now, so since our last family visit in Germany I’ve been watching it.

Other shows were

Wetten Dass” (“Wanna Bet” in USA, “You bet” in UK) – a show with bets where the contestants have to decide whether the bet will be successful or not. Unfortunately, there was an accident in 2010 where one of the people doing the bet was paralyzed. The presenter of the show decided over that to leave the show – and I am not sure if it will go on without him.

And the game shows

“EWG – Einer Wird Gewinnen”
”Auf Los geht’s Los”
”Dalli Dalli”
”Die Pyramide”

Science shows

"Knoff Hoff Show"
I feel a layout idea coming for that for my “Book of me” album!! Open-mouthed smile Any scrapbookers wanna join in?

Saturday, 11 June 2011

29 + 3 Days–time flies!!

And I haven’t even done ONE layout about the pregnancy, I haven’t taken weekly or monthly bump photos or done bump circumference measurements.

THAT’S REALLY BAD!!! Not really a good scrapbooker, me, eh?

I will try to catch up with stuff (well… I can start doing measurements and bump photos now) the coming week, and then make sure that I won’t make the same mistake once the twins are born!!!

Still searching for non-pink nice paper stacks for a baby (girls) album that is not too cutesy.  Shame it’s really difficult to get scrapbooking stuff for twins.

Feeling a bit calmer after yesterday’s outbreak of thoughts etc.

Friday, 10 June 2011

“Take the easy way”–no option apparently!

That seems the motto of my body as it seems. Given the length of time it took us to actually GET to be pregnant plus the amount of operations I had in between and injections and all that … After my first 2 laparoscopies I met Dr Ros Burns (anaesthetist at RIE) who diagnosed me with a “Grade 3 Throat, difficult intubation” – or in her own words: Nearly impossible to intubate. I believe they always had to use EVERYTHING in the book for the General Anaesthetics for the following 2 laparoscopies (ovarian cysts due to very severe endometriosis)!!

Today I had an appointment with the anaesthetist regarding my options when it comes to labour, and while I knew that Ros was one of the anaesthetists for Simpsons (Centre for Reproductive Health at RIE), I was happy that I actually had my appointment with her. I think she was close to (happy) tears when she saw me, given that she’s been quite involved on our path through infertility.

But back to my body … remember that “Grade 3” bit in the first paragraph?? Weeeelll… apparently during pregnancy (hormones, swollen glands etc.) this increases by 1 Grade – so right now I am a blimming Grade 4!!! DEFINITELY IMPOSSIBLE TO INTUBATE with normal metal laryngoscope.

Wanna know what that means??

Well, they won’t have as much time for intubation as they usually have for GA for scheduled operations if I’m coming to the labour ward and insist on having the wee ones naturally. A emergency C-section would pose some problems as well. Just because they can’t sedate me to do the intubation with the normal gear.

Nooooo … what I need IF I need GA is a so called “awake fibre optic intubation”. A fancy intubation with camera with lots of local anaesthetics down my throat – while I’m awake. Just so it’s in place. 
To add to that I would need a dual epidural. Sounds fancy, but means only to numb the normal area like other pregnant women get, plus I get the added “bonus” of numbing of the tummy section where they’re likely to cut me for a c-section.

DH and I are open when it comes to birth plan (which means so far we didn’t really HAVE one, we just agreed we’re open for everything that ensures the health of the babies (and of me)). Which means we KNEW there was the possibility of a c-section anyway, with us having twins and one of the placentas still lying low (was told today it’s on the back low which doesn’t cause problems for a section). We were even considering an elective c-section, although I was hoping for a try at natural birth – until today that is.

There are apparently lots of women (increasing number) who are “too posh to push” and book their sections, and yes, not that many may have GA for it. And I am aware that you have to be told about the risks for OPs etc, but sitting there by myself, being all reasonable and agreeing with the doctor from the twin clinic and the anaesthetist that a planned c-section is best for us and less risky STILL is not that easy to take in. Specially being told that maternal health goes over foetal health. Scary thought, which really never occurred to me until today. We always were still aware that one or both of the twins might not make it (hey, there’s ALWAYS that possibility!), but so far I never thought really that it would affect MY LIFE.

So … we will have another appointment with the anaesthetist (at which we will meet one of the 3 “awake fibre optic intubation specialists” as well – only 3 out of 10 anaesthetists can do that at the RIE, would you believe), so DH can get the full layout and ask any questions, too. But our birth plan is now around a planned c-section including that intubation and the dual epidural. Which is ok, given the fact it’s less risks involved than emergency section etc. All will be in my notes and with the doctors.

Who’d thought the little sticker to have the anaesthetist informed when I report to the labour ward or the triage when in labour would mean so much!! I’m just glad we’re aware of my intubation problem, just imagine what would have happened if I’d NOT been diagnosed in the past as a difficult intubation! And I rather have that all planned than having trouble in the future. Currently waiting for my mum’s e-mail with the details of the anaesthesia  components she was diagnosed as allergic to (which resulted in her tracheotomy – i.e. cut through the windpipe) so we can get them noted in my medical notes, but I had spoken to Ros before the last laparoscopy about that and I am sure she said that the components were used in previous GA for me and I didn’t react to them.

And there was me wondering if there was any reason of me dreaming of a tracheotomy on myself last night?! Signs of the info above??

Will keep you up-to-date on the whole thing, but right now we’re opting for C-section. I was told that I still might go into labour and get both twins naturally etc. You never know.

And if anyone has any experience in c-section or an awake fibre optic intubation or dual epidural – please let me know! Would be much appreciated.

Just realised - having the anatomy knowledge etc I have is both a curse and a blessing... :o