Sunday, 12 June 2011

TV Shows from your childhood

Do you have any shows you’ve hardly missed as a child? And I don’t mean children TV now, I mean entertainment shows.

One program I ALWAYS watched when we were at home was the

ZDF – FERNSEHGARTEN (celebrating 25 years this year!!)

(big entertainment show with games, guests, music, cooking, DIY help etc.)

They later added the

ZDF – WINTERGARTEN which was really nicely built like a Christmas market and provided the same as the original, just with topic of Christmas).

Definitely shows I LOVED as a child, and I am glad that they are doing live streams online now, so since our last family visit in Germany I’ve been watching it.

Other shows were

Wetten Dass” (“Wanna Bet” in USA, “You bet” in UK) – a show with bets where the contestants have to decide whether the bet will be successful or not. Unfortunately, there was an accident in 2010 where one of the people doing the bet was paralyzed. The presenter of the show decided over that to leave the show – and I am not sure if it will go on without him.

And the game shows

“EWG – Einer Wird Gewinnen”
”Auf Los geht’s Los”
”Dalli Dalli”
”Die Pyramide”

Science shows

"Knoff Hoff Show"
I feel a layout idea coming for that for my “Book of me” album!! Open-mouthed smile Any scrapbookers wanna join in?

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