Monday, 13 June 2011

“Pregnancy bubble” effect–very sad news

Not sure if that’s just a thing my body is doing, but whenever I have had bad news it feels like I am in a bubble, like my brain won’t let that come too close to me. Protection mechanism for the twins so I’m not getting too upset/change blood pressure etc.? Who knows.

I had that back in April when my mum told me they had to revert her healed and closed tracheotomy due to her airways growing shut and she only had 30% air coming through. I just seemed to go into “robot mode” with it, just dealt with it and my head didn’t let it affect me.

On Sunday evening I was told that one of our “graduated” Junior Wolves players, whom I expected to put on a senior Wolves jersey soon, has died. He was one of our junior players for 2 years, team captain, and as photographer, first aider and club secretary for the squad I had a fairly good contact to him. Can remember when he had his injuries (one of them being a fingernail being torn out of the nail bed…huh!).

Now I’m feeling guilty, because that “pregnancy bubble” won’t let me get emotionally involved. It’s as if I’m on tranquilizers or so. Really a weird feeling that is very wrong. Sad smile 

It was a very sad accident, and he was definitely too young to go so soon. You never think that this could happen, but unfortunately it does. My thoughts are with his family & friends.

Rest in peace, Calum!

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